• Kaupungit ja maat, joissa olen vieraillut

    I LOVE TO TRAVEL ❤️ Even though I don't do that often... And I also didn't visit much countries YET...but I will travel around the world one day 😌😎 For now I enjoy little trips 😉

  • Parhaimmat saavutukseni

    Well... Managing my own adult life?.. Kind of? 😅🤔

  • Vieraat kulttuurit

    I am interested in all of the cultures possible 😄

  • Lapsena toivoin...

    When I was a kid I wanted to be different than my parents, adults.. all the people. I had that rebelious mindset like all the kids have 😂... Seems like all my friends grown up from that mindset and started to become like everyone we didn't want to be. Well I am already 20 and I haven't grown up yet.

  • Tulevaisuudenkuva

    When I was a kid I had that unrealistic vision of future that damn hunts me now. Like the older you are the more you laugh at all that dreams knowing that you would have to be a damn superhero to be having a life you dreamed about. But at the same time my mind tells me that I am trying to force myself to be satisfied with what future will bring me cuz I won't fulfill my 8years old dream. Sucks.

  • Ainutlaatuista/epätavanomaista minussa

    I'm just a regular everyday normal motherfucker

  • Taidot

    In both of my little fingers I have some kind of bone that "jumps" when I move it in a special way.. You can both hear it and feel it when you touch it. I always let new people touch it and they freak out XD

  • Unelma-ammatti

    I would love to work on something creative that includes traveling. Also It would be great to work on it in a group, the vibe is soo good when you work on someting big with people and you all do your best and then it turns out to be masterpiece 😎

  • Lempikirjat/kirjailijat/elokuvat

    My favourite book is written by Lisa See and its "Snow Flower and the Secret fan", and my favourite movie is French movie Amelia and also French movie Brodeuses. I watch a lot of movies and read a lot of books but these are kind of sentyment for me and I always consider them as my "favourite"

  • Aihe, johon et koskaan kyllästy

    Actually I love deep conversations. I am soo bad at small talk 🙃. I really appreciate open minded people who like to debate about things and don't get offended when we don't think the same 🙈. But I can talk mostly about everything 😊...untill I start to get bored (when the topic is f.ex the weather) 😂

    *I am very nice person 😃 (in case 👆 shows sth different 😅)