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I'm a 24-year-old female, and I live in United States 228.

I speak English, some German, Norwegian, and a tiny bit of Italian.

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    i love my life i would never change it.i have fucked up my life but i wouldnt change it. i can be a bitch if i want to be. i say what i think and im very random. life is crazy alot but its allways the good things that keep me going. friends and family are every thing to me. theres alot of drama in my life a little to much.i do regret things that i did and i said and i lost those people that i realy cared about. every one makes mistakes but i think i made a big one. its hard to no that i did and it allways will be hard and it will always go threw my mind and i cant help but to cry and hope that every thing will be alright. If you say i cant, you wont. If you say i quit, you lose. If you say i'll try then you might just win,but you have the power to choose....what doesnt kill me just makes me stornger and if you say your hurting me, your just helping me last longer!! The memories will never be forgoten. Becomeing friends with old enemies and reuniting with old flames. I could never ask for anything better.
    -i'm still young, i've got things to do. liquor to drink. boys to confuse. parties to go to and times to screw up because right now im just living it up..How can the person you love be the same person you hate? Why is someone you trust, the same person who let's you fall? Can you strengthen a relationship, when you thought it was the best? How is the one that makes you smile, the one who stands to see you cry? The guy you hang up on, is the guy you wait for? Can you watch someone walk away from something, you know they'll regret? Is watching someone in pain, like being in pain yourself? Do you ever wish you could tell someone something just one more time? How come you dont know you're strong, untill your forced to prove it?