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23, from Manchester 159
My interests in other cultures

I sometimes como up with ideas and stories. To nail it CULTURE is all. Tough I study cultures from around the world, it isn't enough for me so I like to make contact with them, even if it's via web. I've met people that with their anecdotes and experiences I've manage to make some good story so What's your story?

17, from 5
Something to tell the world!

Hi guys! I'm a guy from Bavaria who's really interested in maths and science (especially physics). I love to meet new people so if you want to you can write to me about anything.

20, from Québec City 39
Something to tell the world!

Hey! I'm a French Canadian obsessed with traveling and passionate with cultures and languages. I might spend a year in Sydney in 2018 so I'd be happy to exchange with people who can tell me more about Australia.

31, from Turin 90
Something to tell the world!

Hi to everybody, i'm here to know new friends and improve my english and also to learn better french where i'm at elementary level. i hope to know new friendsplease contact me, you are welcome :)p.s. i don't like so much this chat, the connection is not so good if you want, you can add me on skype my contac is: tizz1986

21, from Kandy 188
I'm excited about...

I'm excited about world's unsolved mysteries and it's secrets. If I have the chance to travel around the world I'll probably look into world's secrets.

15, from 147
Something to tell the world!

Hello there! My name is Chay, I'm 15 and I enjoy drawing and listening to music! I'm into alot of different types of music, k-pop, punk rock, visual kei and even more! I would love to learn more languages and learn about different cultures! Please, I'm looking for a loyal, long relationship, penmate. Don't just send me one...

22, from Tilburg 147
Something to tell the world!

Hey guys,Thanks for visiting my profile! My name is Willemien and I'm from Tilburg (the Netherlands). I'm 21 years old and currently a master student at the Tilburg University. I would love to meet a new friend on penpal-gate. And let's just be clear on this one.. I'm looking for a friendship, not for a new love life because I'm...

19, from 39
Something to tell the world!

Hey! My name is Breanna - my friends call me B or Bree. I am nineteen from Canada! I am currently studying for my Bachelors of Commerce with a major in Accounting. I have been described as a down-to-earth girl with a beautiful soul that cares about everything! I'm in the process of learning two languages & two cultures. One of which I...

18, from Leipzig 5
Cities and countries I have visited

Throughout my life i've visited Sweden, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Malta, France, Turkey and Germany of course, because I live there. :D I love Germany, Croatia and Italy most.

16, from Turnhout 23
Cities and countries I have visited

Not even the warm countries like Greece and Turki but also France the city of love and the Netherlands could't miss on my list. I'm planning to go to Ireland and America.