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17, from Santiago 41
Something to tell the world!

My name's Pedro. I'm 17 years old. I'm from Chile. My favourite band is New Order. I will finish the secundary studies via free tests. My favourite tree is the jacarandá. My profile is in spanish, but if you want me to translate something for you in english, I will :) ¡Eso es todo!

17, from 5
Something to tell the world!

Hey, I'm Franzi or Franny or Franziska or whatever you prefer. Most people call me Franzi though. I'm 17 years old and live in Germany. I'm basically on this website to find new friends and to improve my english. I love singing, drawing and writing. So if you would like to talk just text me;)

19, from Kyiv 213
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Hi, i'm Alex from Ukraine. I started to realize that i realy want to meet with people from other countries, with different mentality. I want to find a good friends with whom I can be myself and who can be open to me. I think friends from different countries and with different thinking can help each other to look at different things...

14, from Mihla 5
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Hello, I'm a 14 year old girl from Germany. I really like animals and to learn about other countries. I'm currently learning french, italian and russian. I know a bit japanese because of Anime. My hobbies are reading,listening to music and if I feel like it drawing. I got really lonely here so I thought why not get another friend....

18, from 60
Something to tell the world!

18 years old and an urge to travel. Having no money restricts my options quite a lot. Nevertheless... Here I am. I own a twin and we're telepathically connected.

23, from 159
My interests in other cultures

I sometimes como up with ideas and stories. To nail it CULTURE is all. Tough I study cultures from around the world, it isn't enough for me so I like to make contact with them, even if it's via web. I've met people that with their anecdotes and experiences I've manage to make some good story so What's your story?

19, from 228
Something to tell the world!

I have an active & fun international whatsapp group on Whatsapp for 16-21 year olds if anyone is interested in joining! Message me if so!:) Hello, I'm Hayley! I'm 19 years old and live in the USA. I love photography (as you can tell from my photos) and listening to music! According to I am INFP. I only speak...

21, from 90
I always enjoy talking about...

I love talking about my passions and listen to other opinion to improve my culture. Music is one of my passion, of course !! I like different tipes of music and now i'm in love with an italian underground group rap. I love talking about social problems, ideals and politics too. I believe in freedom of choice and freedom to be what...

22, from Lille 61
Something to tell the world!

Now that i finish study, i want to travel, discover a looot of country and make friends from other places ! I'm physiotherapist (물리치료사) since this year, i just finish college and i actually enjoy that life

17, from Szczecin 150
I'm an expert at...

History of Poland and other, football and flags of countries and cities of world ;)