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Nimimerkki: Morwen
Etunimi: Sara
Sukupuoli: Nainen
Ikä: 16

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Kaupunki: Roma
Maanosa: Lazio
Maa: Italia


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Hi, world.
My name is Sara, I'm an Italian girl - I live near Rome - and I'm 15. I love books, music (especially rock and a lil bit of metal), photography and every form of art. I'm kind of lonely and extremely shy, and I tend to be sad.
I like Queen, Guns N' Roses, Depeche Mode, INXS, Coldplay and Ludovico Einaudi. I love art and in fact I'd like to become an actress or a writer, but I really love dubbing and I study to become a dubber, too.
I play the piano - but not so well, I never took lessons. I just like to feel the keys slip under my fingers. I'd like to sing, but I really can't - my voice reminds me of a cat to which the tail has been smashed by a door.
I'm really sensitive and quite shy and I often prefere being alone with a good book or watching my favorite tv series - Scrubs, The Mentalist, Gilmore Girls - on my own rather than going out with mates, and that's why I've got just a few friends.
I'm absolutely a Tumblr lover and I spend a lot of time on it.
I'm quite lazy, but I enjoy climbing (I love it!).
I speak Italian and I'd like to learn French and mostly improve my English.
I'm not really sociable or extremely funny, but if you still want to know me, or if you need something, or even if you feel sad or lonely and/or you need some advice, feel free to write me a message. I'll reply asap and I'll try to help you with all myself.
Xoxo. :)
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