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Nimimerkki: scooby
Etunimi: Tanmay
Sukupuoli: Mies
Ikä: 25

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Kaupunki: Nasik
Maanosa: Maharashtra
Maa: Intia


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Hi, this is Tanmay. I like to travel, sing, dance, and read n' many more things. I am here to make friends and know more about their problems n' solve their problems. I want to know u r hobbies u r passion n' more. I want to know more languages more cultures n' more things. I am scientific, cultural, spiritual, super cool, n' would u like to be my friend. Any one who wants to make me friend just add u r friend n' I will accept it........"Only those things are beautiful which are inspired by madness and written by reason" ......n' (more things) - I’m not your average teenager. I’m way ahead of that. No matter how many people come in & out of my life, I will always be the same. I like eating ice cream in the winter; I have soup during the summer. I dance in the rain. And I have my gangster moments with gum rappers & bandanas. I like too to be non-violent. I like too read at skate parks & I like too play video games in a library. I pretend in on a rollercoaster when there's an earthquake. I bump into walls & chairs and say "sorry, I didn't see you there." ha-ha, talk to me sometime? :] but call me whatever :). I'm an outgoing person. I'd say I’m pretty easy to talk too, so don’t be shy :). I’m athletically challenged, but I love photography, music, boxing, basketball, skateboarding, playing guitar and art. I'm pretty good at handling the truth, so tell me what you need to tell me. I like reading; I’ve been doing it a lot lately. I love giving advice too people, because that shows me that I can trust them to give me advice too. Don’t like me? Don’t care; I have so many amazing people in my life, and I don’t need you. But if u needs me ………. Explain why u needs me … and then I will think about …

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