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Garance-Potterhead (3 päivää sitten)
Hello how are you ?
JuliaM (8 päivää sitten)
Konnichiwa! Ogenki des ka? Watashi wa nihon wo aishite imasu 001_smile
Lale3112 (15 päivää sitten)
HI biggrin
more.fun.than.ur.ex (21 päivää sitten)
EliasB (63 päivää sitten)
How are you?
geekgirl101 (91 päivää sitten)
Hey, I'm Cloe. Free to chat?
gre9.9 (162 päivää sitten)
hi, how are you? do you want a penfriend?
tafa (235 päivää sitten)

Hello my name is moustapha and i live in senegal,i like to have a friendship,correspondant and penpals i want to exchange culture,languages and other things
leyloshe (254 päivää sitten)

how are you? please contact me through my
email so that i will tell you more, and we talk about us
(leyloshee @ hotmail.com)
Kasiek89 (311 päivää sitten)
Hi. How are you ?
Bebotchi (325 päivää sitten)
hello! How are you?
joyjulian (327 päivää sitten)
(joyjulian30 @ gmail .com) HELLO, My name is joyjulian I just saw your profile here, And I want to make friendship with you Beside i have something special i want to discus with you, but I Find it difficult to Express myself here, since it's a public site Please Reply me directly to my email address(joyjulian30 @ gmail .com) And I will tell you det
Etten (332 päivää sitten)
hi ! how are you ?
Wisdom.and.Hope (336 päivää sitten)
Helllo i'm W.a.H and i Hope we will friend of the World so good bye
emelita10 (399 päivää sitten)
hi i got limited time here so contact here in my id (e-mail hidden) or leave you contact i will mail you later thanks
jovita24000 (402 päivää sitten)

Hello,I am jovita please contact me for a jovitagomez141 @ h o t m a i l. c o m
jovita24 (454 päivää sitten)

Hello,I am jovita please contact me ((e-mail hidden))
tafa (460 päivää sitten)
Hello my name is moustapha and i live in senegal,i like to have a friendship,correspondant and penpals exchange culture,language.... i have facebook, whatsapp.
nelson55 (626 päivää sitten)
how are you today?
Andrebonefoi (891 päivää sitten)
Heloo dude.
Do you like play computer games?
nicelove1 (894 päivää sitten)
hello my name is Lorraine.i saw your profile and is very interesting.contact me with my email so we can know to each other better. (e-mail hidden)
Khiralhee (896 päivää sitten)
Hello,I saw that you loved video games. Do you play lol?
rebeccabrako (902 päivää sitten)

((e-mail hidden))
I really need your urgent help and assistance, please with due respect trust and humanity, I appeal to you to exercise a little patience and read through my letter
Maximilian00 (919 päivää sitten)
Hi, my name is Maximilian, i love japan and i want to learn japanese. I live in the south of germany. I would be very happy if you write back something 001_smile
Sinitza (928 päivää sitten)
Hi! My name is Sveta, I'm from Russia. I love Japan, and I would like to know more about it!) I'll be glad to chat with you 001_rolleyes 001_smile
Szeci (929 päivää sitten)
Hello! My name is Julia. I'm from Poland. Let's make friends! 001_smile
Metria (946 päivää sitten)
hi 001_smile
Viktorique (954 päivää sitten)
Hajimemashite! Viktoriya desu.

Watashi wa Rossiajin desu. Nihongo wo benkyoshimasu. Soretomo Nihon no bunka ni kyomi ga arimasu.

Kazu-san to tomodachi ni naritai (^^)

Watashi no me~ru ni okakete kudasai ( (e-mail hidden))

vivian-candy (971 päivää sitten)
jojobunny (1087 päivää sitten)
Can you help me with learning Japanese?
At the moment I can speak some words and read some letters...
Jenya (1116 päivää sitten)
I'm found of Japanese culture 001_smile
I'll be glad to chat with you 001_smile
aminajafar (1125 päivää sitten)
My name is Miss Amina.Please i will like you to contact me through my email (e-mail hidden)
Nastya_Green (1134 päivää sitten)
Hi, my name is Nastya) I want to know more about the culture in different countries ... the people, language, and traditions. Let's be friends? ) I can't speak English well but I think that we will understand each other/ big_smile /
Metria (1154 päivää sitten)
hi .. 001_smile
Faith1 (1165 päivää sitten)
My name is Faith Weah, Am interested to know more about you, Contact me direct to my email address for more of my photo, My email address is below.......

(e-mail hidden)
ArabMoney (1177 päivää sitten)
Hi I'm Desi, italian-egyptian, I'd love to know japanese culture, I think that its so fascinating and I would love to know traditions, and make friends there, one of my dreams its also to go to live there.
So, if u want to exchage cultures and have a new friend contact me 001_smile! byee biggrin
Kevkev988 (1177 päivää sitten)
Hi my name is Kevin, I'm 25 from Germany and I'm looking for new pen pals. If you're interested in writing letters, emails or facebooking I'd be happy if you contacted me 001_smile
roffylove (1180 päivää sitten)
hi my name is roffina,
i was in love when i saw your profile,
i will really like to be your friend,and i also
please write to me at my private email id
(roffinajohn@ hotmail.com)
so that i can tell you more about myself and
also send you more of my pictures i will be waiting
for your reply on my private email soon
nycmo (1191 päivää sitten)
Konnichiwa. Ogenki desu ka?
RandomMemories (1198 päivää sitten)
Hi 001_smile Nice to meet you. How are you ?
Milana0307 (1204 päivää sitten)
Hi 001_smile
Litha (1221 päivää sitten)
Hello! Thanks for your e-mail.
I wrote a reply to you but I don't know if it was sent. Could you check it out, please?
I was asking for your e-mail because I don't have it yet. It would be nice have you as a friend.
Best regards!
Mischiiotaku (1239 päivää sitten)
Ohayó gozaimasu 001_smile
hajimemashite x3 Yoroshiku onegaishimasu -^^-
I'm Michelle from germany and 15 years old. i really love the culture, the people and the speak in japan *^*
I try really hard to learn japanese behind school :3 I also like Anime and Manga c:

Hope to hear from you ^-^
Froax (1290 päivää sitten)

My name is Robin, How are you?

Bebotchi (1298 päivää sitten)
How are you? Happy NEw Year!
Lina-Vvechnost (1329 päivää sitten)
Hi! how are you?001_smile
_..Lana.._ (1354 päivää sitten)
Hello) Nice to meet you. How are you? laugh
Sossokka (1360 päivää sitten)
I'm Marika. Nice to meet you. 001_smile
I'm interested in Japan and I would like to know more about it. Maybe even learn the language. It would be really nice to have a friend from Japan 001_smile
In exchange, I could tell you about Finland.
SorettaLight (1389 päivää sitten)
ããã«ã¡ã¯Kazu ãã 001_smile My name is Soretta,from Italy ..I study Japanese,so i would like talk with you laugh
agnist (1389 päivää sitten)
hello 001_tongue and wow !!! u look so yang !! amaizing !! biggrin
sorry for that 001_smile
how r u ? biggrin
redcherry (1398 päivää sitten)
Hi 001_smile.
What do you do ?
angela007 (1407 päivää sitten)
lindaK (1428 päivää sitten)
How are u?
can we talk?
Gerardo21 (1461 päivää sitten)
hello there
Bebotchi (1474 päivää sitten)
How are you?
Hel (1479 päivää sitten)
Hello :3 I'm Hel and I am from Poland. Loving Japan!
Profundo (1485 päivää sitten)
Hi Kazu, I'm Chris and I'm from the Netherlands. I really want to upgrade my English a bit more and I see that you want that too? So maybe we can help eachother?
Lucy23 (1492 päivää sitten)
How are you?)
Miyuluna (1493 päivää sitten)
Hello , I'd like to speak japanese correctly , i love mangas , music and read 001_smile
see you soon !
Wika (1518 päivää sitten)
Hi Kazu biggrin Which manga's your favourite ?
Ukiokawai (1564 päivää sitten)
Kazu-kun I'd like to be your friend, so? biggrin
Prat (1590 päivää sitten)
Hello how are you doing ?
nickiand22 (1602 päivää sitten)
My i am Nicki, I love your profile, write to my inbox i will tell you about me and give you my picture, (e-mail hidden)
Omnomnomki (1604 päivää sitten)
Hello! How are you?
PaperKites (1618 päivää sitten)
Ohayou! how are you doing today? 001_smile
Sossokka (1624 päivää sitten)
Hi! Nice to meet you. How are you? 001_smile I would like to know more about Japan. 001_smile
reistick (1628 päivää sitten)
Hello, how are you? I totally adore Japan wink2 Where are you from exactly?
Eleo96 (1656 päivää sitten)
HI,nice to meet you.
Izuu (1673 päivää sitten)
Hi. How are you? wink2
mmoua (1717 päivää sitten)
Hi there. My name is Maisia.
Will you like to be my friend. I will love to be your friend! cool2
-Lil- (1738 päivää sitten)
i wanna meet new people, so do you want to start exchange e-mails? 001_smile
saralover_99 (1744 päivää sitten)
Erika_59 (1750 päivää sitten)
Hmm.. Hello ! biggrin
_yami_ (1761 päivää sitten)
I'm Italian and I've just started to study Japanese at the university, so I'm also interested in exchange mails with japanese people ....
Murasakimaru (1775 päivää sitten)
I try to improve my japanese, so I found your profile.
Would you mind then exchanging some e-mail with me? ^^
Luca90 (1819 päivää sitten)
hi how r u?
nieselpriem (1827 päivää sitten)
Hi kazu321, how r u? which movies do you like exactly? Would be nice to read from you. Bye
misstake (1844 päivää sitten)
helo, would you like to talk? ; )
sarahfrance (1855 päivää sitten)
triskell (1861 päivää sitten)
hello from france
myriam 001_smile
IDB-91 (1878 päivää sitten)
Hello 001_smile Would you like to meet us ? 001_smile
Red_Ivan (1883 päivää sitten)
Can we have comminication??
narno (1891 päivää sitten)

My name is Arnaud, I'm 27, I am of Japanese and French, and lives in the North of France (Roubaix, near Lille).
I look for correspondents around the world (Japan, in particular) to share their lives and culture and also improve my language learning Japanese, because I have not had the chance to learn this language properly as a youngster.
Red_Ivan (1893 päivää sitten)
Hello from Russia!!
michoko (1913 päivää sitten)
konichiwa from france ! thumbup1 thumbup1
nicolebaby (1913 päivää sitten)
hello 001_smile
shigatsuxx (1914 päivää sitten)
hello, kazu wink2
marie2007 (1924 päivää sitten)
hello 001_tongue
Chouchou13 (1956 päivää sitten)
hello there 001_smile
PhiloSophia (1957 päivää sitten)
Ohayo ^^ I'm Sophia from France How are you ??
Dashyness- (1962 päivää sitten)
Koban wa! Hajimemashite!Furansujin dès. I'm native furansujin speaker. Watashi wa 21 djou hatchi. May I improve my poor nihon-go level with you,o-negai shimasu? Say me please if my nihon-go is well. I'm learning it since 6 years ago.

Mata aimashou perhaps. 001_unsure
louana (1973 päivää sitten)
we can talk via chat 001_smile
louana (1973 päivää sitten)
i don't no ^^ and you ?
louana (1973 päivää sitten)
hi 001_smile
Phoebelycia (2003 päivää sitten)
Konba wa! 001_smile Ogenki dès ka ? My nihon-go wasn't correct ? mellow What is your favorites mangas ? 001_smile

See you soon! 001_smile
Phoebelycia (2003 päivää sitten)
Konnichiwa! How do you do?Hajimemashite!
Furansujin dès. I'm native furansujin speaker. Watashi wa 21 djou hatchi. May I improve my poor nihon-go level with you,o -negai shimasu? 001_smile If you want well of course.^^

Mata aimashou=See you soon ?
Phoebelycia (2003 päivää sitten)
Konnichiwa! How do you do? Hajimemashite! Furansujin dès. W
DevaMaria (2028 päivää sitten)
Hello! How are you? balloon
bogusia095 (2039 päivää sitten)
Hello Aya! I'm Bogusia and nice to meet you!
I am polish and I love manga and anime everything what is connected anyway with Japan! If you like you can talk with me about this wonderful country and I can tell you about Europe, its both very interesting! Maybe you'll learn something in japan? I try to learn this language, it's pretty hard! 001_smile
gmsg (2045 päivää sitten)
Hi. I am going to Japan next week in the Osaka, Kyoto region. Where abouts do you live? I am really interested in meeting friends in Japan. I speak no Japanese. Would you like to meet up?
Julie.B (2060 päivää sitten)
hello biggrin
Eretika (2089 päivää sitten)
ÐХХ(( Ð¼Ð¾Ñ ÑÐ²Ð¾Ñ Ð½Ðµ понимаÑÑ(( жалÑ
Eretika (2094 päivää sitten)
Konnichiwa!^^uuuaaa 001_huh . . . you have so many virtual friends O.O . . and as you all want? ))
giamma (2099 päivää sitten)
Hi Kazu,my name is Gianmario,an italian that is really intrested to know your colture,learn yours lenguage;u seem a nice guy,we have same age(more/less),I guess we ll have a lot to compare to our different lifestyles.
to the next!(I hope)
chamii (2163 päivää sitten)
TaoTaoCore (2168 päivää sitten)
hellow~~ : D
chouchoux (2173 päivää sitten)
Hello ~ !
Mephista (2173 päivää sitten)
I'm Melissa from Italy, nice to meet you ^^
how are you?
bensonyesnice (2181 päivää sitten)
Nice to meet you,
how are you doing?i hope you are ok
I am miss Mirian by name plz i want be
of you plz write back to my mail is
(bmirian25 AT yahoo.com)so my photos
will send you ok plz remember to change that at in my mail and put the normal one of at to contact me in my email box ok bye!
bensonyesnice (2181 päivää sitten)
(e-mail hidden)
jolin (2187 päivää sitten)

Hello, I am Joliana.
How are you ? hope you are fine and in perfect condition of health.Please I
went through your profile in this site i read it and took
interest in it,
please if you don't mind i will like you to write me on this private
Id;( jolianacumbu @ yahoo.com) hope to hear from you soon,and I will be
waiting for at yahoo mailbox
schrahki (2206 päivää sitten)
schrahki (2206 päivää sitten)
schrahki (2206 päivää sitten)
ããªãã¯ç§ã«æ¥æ¬èªãæãããªããããã¯ãã°ãããã ï¼
schrahki (2207 päivää sitten)
schrahki (2207 päivää sitten)
æ¥æ¬èªã大好ãã ããä¸äººã§åå¼·ãã¾ããã
schrahki (2207 päivää sitten)
ã¯ãããã¡ããåæ°ã  wink2
schrahki (2207 päivää sitten)
ãSvenjaãã ããã¤ããæ¥ã¾ãã
Jene (2242 päivää sitten)
I'm fine thank's and sure biggrin Can I add your MSN or Skype?
Jene (2242 päivää sitten)
Hi! I just wanted to ask, how are you? :p
xxAnnaxx (2276 päivää sitten)
Hmm, yes, but maybe later cause I study several languages at the Insitute so I think it will be difficult to learn Japanese too.
And you, what do you usually do?
xxAnnaxx (2276 päivää sitten)
Hey, how are you ? 001_smile
KevinAzrale (2280 päivää sitten)
Hi Kazu.How r u?
Im Kevin from India.Nice meetin u biggrin.
Hope 2 talk 2 u soon.greetings thumbup1,Kevin.
Emma456 (2302 päivää sitten)
AppleTan (2306 päivää sitten)
Hi, how are you? (:
Nebeki (2307 päivää sitten)
Konnichiwa ! My name is Susanna and I am from Finland... I am looking for a penpal and I hope that you would like to be my penpal. Check my profile and contack me =)
Schwarzer-Vogel (2317 päivää sitten)
Hi ! How are you ?
Are you ok after the earthquake ? sad
Tempo (2317 päivää sitten)
Hi! I'm Jenni and i'm looking for a pen pal from japan. I want to know that culture etc.
So, if you want to be my penpal... (MSN) ¨001_smile
ellissande (2338 päivää sitten)
I'm Elsa I come from France and I search japaneses penpals to improve my japanese and learn the other culture.
Hoping to hear from you.

Sanju (2345 päivää sitten)
I'm Sanju from Sri Lanka (Southern Asia),26 years old female.I would like to have some friends from all over the world.Prefer to know their cultures,languages etc.It's so wonderful idea to know about someone who completely different from appearance,accent from speaking ... etc.Hope you'll be my friend in the future.
Atsuko (2349 päivää sitten)
Hey, I was very busy ^^
How are you ?
I want to talk with you too, maybe on MSN ^^
I hope we can talk soon
hawk118 (2362 päivää sitten)

how are you to day?
apsara0908 (2370 päivää sitten)
oayo gozaimass!!!
mizu999 (2402 päivää sitten)
great pictures, by the way...
Alienatia (2406 päivää sitten)
What kind of movies do you like, I'm a fan of comedy myself
basboussa (2407 päivää sitten)
Hi !! I'm betty and i'm moroccan. I love Asia and I want to speak with a lot of people in the world . ^^ I hope we can become friends.

zabukeH (2413 päivää sitten)
Hello. I'm looking for penpals biggrin would you like to?
Tom_love_tokyo (2430 päivää sitten)
nice to meet you !
jordan-i-love-japan (2430 päivää sitten)
nice to meet you ?
scooter bye bye cycle scooter
manuel67 (2431 päivää sitten)
Hi kazu,
I'm from Rome, and my friends love sushi. How can I recognize a good one?
zabukeH (2433 päivää sitten)
i need to learn to speak japanese...
i can teach you spanish.. and basic english!
Atsuko (2436 päivää sitten)
Ohayo ^^ You are awake early blink
Atsuko (2436 päivää sitten)
Haha...You don't sleep now ^^ It's late in Japan hahaha biggrin
Bigsajmon (2447 päivää sitten)
Hey dude,how are you ?Tell me something about the most beautiful country on the world ( i mean Japan of course )
maite (2447 päivää sitten)
How are you ?
luci89 (2448 päivää sitten)
hi! how are u? :-)
chichang (2450 päivää sitten)
hello. how r u?
Mana (2454 päivää sitten)
Hi, how r ya.
uhm for starters, wtf you don't look anywhere near 29, whats your secret.
second I like almost everything you have in your hobbies thingy.
and last, can I have your e-mail 001_tongue
12Andrew12 (2455 päivää sitten)
I love japanese anime, japanese language and asian culture in general.
If you want we can talk about anything on msn.
12Andrew12 (2455 päivää sitten)
Hi, how are you?
Kimclark (2455 päivää sitten)


punker (2460 päivää sitten)
so what's up? how are you? i'm kenny and i do a japanees sport (judo) greetz kenny :p
Enix (2522 päivää sitten)
konnichiwa! hajimemashite, watashi wa enix desu, dozo yoroshiku! watashi wa nihongo no daigakusei desu, tomodachi ni narimashiyo! ^^
meiko92 (2541 päivää sitten)
hello ^^
how are you ?
i'm melanie
SHINEES (2552 päivää sitten)

How are you???

I'm Stéphanie and I live in Belgium =).

Would you be corresponding with me???
HeatherDuanaWeber (2561 päivää sitten)
I would like to be your friend & my name is Heather Duana Weber & full deaf & know sign language & Like Hachiko Akika dog.
Sorachan (2582 päivää sitten)
Hello I am Anna and I like Japan particularly the mangas 001_smileI hope you will answer me
Yuyuu-chan (2586 päivää sitten)
Hi ! I'm Julia, a 17-year-old french girl ! I'd like to make japaneses friends, so... I hope you'll ask me !
I give you my e-mail adress : (e-mail hidden)

Mata ne !!
Taiyo-Chan (2590 päivää sitten)
Hey. Nice to meet you 001_smile I love Japan, Taiwan, China and Sout Korea.
I love Taiwan music.
Taiyo-Chan (2590 päivää sitten)
Noemi2409 (2592 päivää sitten)
Nice to meet you too Kazu =)
india09 (2592 päivää sitten)
Mayotte976 (2628 päivää sitten)
hii .... how are you ?
could you help me to improve my english please ? 001_smile
if you want let me know thkx...
Dounia69 (2645 päivää sitten)
Hi kazu321 how are you?
lilou75 (2646 päivää sitten)
hi ! you are 29 years old !wow
impossible =O You are more young than your age
bye !
so nice to meet you biggrin
DarkAmyLee (2666 päivää sitten)
heey ;]
Wanna be friends? =)
loli-chan (2668 päivää sitten)
kazu-san thank you for accepting my friend request..~hope to get to know more about you...~^-^
loli-chan (2668 päivää sitten)
hello..^^ yoroshiku ne..~^-^
narbabo (2670 päivää sitten)
Hi -
Nice to meet you
embraer121 (2680 päivää sitten)
embraer121 (2680 päivää sitten)
hello can you help me?
because i don t speak japanese
embraer121 (2680 päivää sitten)
hello can you help me to translate the word on my flag japan please( look my picture)thanks
embraer121 (2681 päivää sitten)
o a yo gozaimasss!
embraer121 (2681 päivää sitten)
yuya1704 (2683 päivää sitten)
hi !! I saw you are japanese !! it's very great !! What do you listen (music) ? 001_smile
Hubr (2683 päivää sitten)
hi! how are you?
lea-fan-japon (2687 päivää sitten)
Konnishiwa !
Hajimameshité , lea desu , dozo yoroshiku , Watshi wa nihon ga daisuki desu .
My adress MSN is :(e-mail hidden)
Oasis-is-Good (2687 päivää sitten)
hey! 001_cool
Emma456 (2687 päivää sitten)
Thank you!!
so...how are you? what do you do in japan?
Emma456 (2688 päivää sitten)
Hi! Wanna be my friend? smile
Nya (2692 päivää sitten)
good morning? lol
Feissu (2693 päivää sitten)
HI ^^friends?
Chisa (2694 päivää sitten)
LizzieC. (2695 päivää sitten)
Hi Kazu !
Wanna be friend ?
Ana2a (2708 päivää sitten)
Hi ^^ I'm curently learning japanes, well I'm only at the begining but i wish I could practice it with someone, and I could talk with you in english too, I need to improve 001_smile
Smael (2708 päivää sitten)
Hey, how are you ?
I would like to speak with a japanese people 001_smile
SilentMusic (2709 päivää sitten)
Hello ^^
Gabiiche-the-Gay (2710 päivää sitten)
Hey 001_smile How are you 001_tongue Im Gabriel from Canada,and im 15 years old 001_smile I want to be your friend 001_smile I hope you will accept 001_smile
Shirley (2714 päivää sitten)
Hi.I'm french and I would like to make foreigner friends.If you are interested my msn is: (e-mail hidden)
reborn (2736 päivää sitten)
about japanese language to practice it ^^
i can learn u another language
reborn (2736 päivää sitten)
i can speak japanese but little so ^^
reborn (2736 päivää sitten)
actualy i love japanese peoples and i want be ur friend ! ^^
reborn (2736 päivää sitten)
how r u ?
go to do chat please ? ^^
Micki6 (2742 päivää sitten)
Hi 001_smile How are you??
pay (2766 päivää sitten)
Hi!! hor r u?
reborn (2767 päivää sitten)
ãããªãã !
reborn (2767 päivää sitten)
I am sorry to have you send all messages
reborn (2771 päivää sitten)
ohayo !
muchi much !
reborn (2772 päivää sitten)
konishiwa *
reborn (2772 päivää sitten)
knoshiwa !
genki desuka ?
Lain (2772 päivää sitten)
Wow, that's impressive ! On your photos, we would not say that you are really 29 years ! xD
nadi (2773 päivää sitten)
I'm Nadia from Italy...I'm looking for japanese friends or someone that can can teach me japanese..
can u help me?
see u
^.^ big_smile
reborn (2775 päivää sitten)
moonrose (2788 päivää sitten)
hi im moonrose would u like to be my friend?
cyannure (2788 päivää sitten)
hi kazu
i m jeremy from belgium
i have mant friend ( girl) who live there.but no male friend .i ll happy happy to talk with you by msn if you don t mind

(e-mail hidden)
reborn (2792 päivää sitten)
ohayo ! genki desuka ?
watashi wa Aya chan
nihon ga suki
doko ni sunderuno to nihon des?
boku wa sunderuno furransu !
gomenasai demo I'm not excellent at japaness language
janai !!!
Klaudia (2808 päivää sitten)
Hi 001_smile How are you 001_smile
I'm looking for someone from Japan 001_smile
I'm interested in Tokyo 001_smile
Maybe you can tell something wink2 ?
Trinity (2810 päivää sitten)
konichiwa! my name is trinity and you sound cool.I really want to learn more japanese think you could teach me?
apsara230784 (2814 päivää sitten)
Ino (2827 päivää sitten)
How are you? ^^
ayse19 (2829 päivää sitten)
hi how are u nice to meet u and see u001_smile)
Mudmee (2835 päivää sitten)
hello! nice to meet you wink2
hidetaCullen (2836 päivää sitten)
Sorry I confused profile! >.< And I don't know well this site! u.u"
hidetaCullen (2836 päivää sitten)
Hi! *_* Ryo Saeba desuka? xD
tchixx (2841 päivää sitten)
Hello ^^ !!
How are you ? ^-^
I love yout profil ^^" ,
I fan of the Japon ,
I search a corespondent
Answer me please :ss 001_smile
LizzieC. (2845 päivää sitten)
Hello Kazu !
I like Japan, it's a beautiful language !!!
I want to be your friend.
See you !
tobigirl (2852 päivää sitten)
Hello , How are you ?
tobigirl (2855 päivää sitten)
å ´åã¯ãã¡ã¼ã«ãç§ã®éã£ã¦msnã®é¸æ
honneybunny (2855 päivää sitten)
awwww awesome!!!

I'm learning Japanese at my college!!!!
I'm dreaming to go to your country you know!!!
Marwaa (2857 päivää sitten)
Hi Kazu ! How are you ? Can we know ? See you ! big_smile
Goddey (2859 päivää sitten)
Hey, Can we be friends? See you.
Taira (2870 päivää sitten)
ããã㯠Magda ã§ãããã¼ã©ã³ããããã§ã
I would like to learn Japanese.
If you want know me, write to me. 001_smile
lilidragonne (2876 päivää sitten)
watashi ha furansujin desu.
i'm learning japanese even if it s difficult for a french girl!
see you soon
Rukia (2876 päivää sitten)
Hey !
I'm french and I want to speak with all people in the world . i love Asia 001_smile
I waiting your answer !
bidule119 (2877 päivää sitten)
how are you?
dadouche (2879 päivää sitten)
hi kazu i don't know if someone has already told you that but you look like a little kamenashi kazuya from kat-tun wink2
honneybunny (2880 päivää sitten)
Ohayô gozaimasu!!!!!!!

Watashi wa Melissa desu!!!!
I'm learning japanese in my college!!! It's my second year!!! (I'm using minna no nihongo, suppose you know it^^).
Want to know more about your country, people, values!!
A-rang (2880 päivää sitten)
Hello! how are you there? blushing
Lynda (2885 päivää sitten)

I'd like to talk with you, to talk about daily life, our countries etc. I'm starting a Japanese course at university in September!

Ja mata ne!

Dally (2887 päivää sitten)

I'm Dally, I wanted to tchat with you if you're interseted...Don't hesitate...

HuaFang (2889 päivää sitten)
hello, i'm from Taiwan. i'm very interested in Japanese culture. I love reading mangas, listening Japanese music, playing video games and seeing Japanese movies.

i hope we can make friend. ^ ^
Kiran (2889 päivää sitten)
Hey! I'm Kiran. I live in the States.

æ¥æ¬èªãç¿ãããã§ããããã¦ãããããããããã¾ããã ããã¨ãã ã¡ã«ãªãã¾ãã­ã
laura63 (2891 päivää sitten)
How are you? My name is laura, nice to meet you!

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