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Lucietrgx (31 päivää sitten)
(Need more space) And I live next to London, in the west. Next to Maidenhead 001_smile
And you ? Where do you live? Tell me about England! I want to know everything xD
Lucietrgx (31 päivää sitten)
Sorry my computer doesn't work, I reply with phone and I not really efficient x)
I believe in your English level x)
Yes I enjoy auparing, I have a lot of time for and all my weekends are free 001_smile and I have £300 per month for one child, I think it's correct 001_smile
No I don't know English beers and I don't know by which started haha
Lucietrgx (32 päivää sitten)
Hi! You have a new follower too biggrin

I'm here since April 2017 and I want to stay for one year maybe more 001_smile

I really like the UK, more than France haha And I'm very exciting to speak with, I don't know if you are a native British but I want to speak with someone who lives in england. I want to speak english as I speak french biggrin
definitely_anti_trump (159 päivää sitten)
Hi I would like to point to a particular comment made by this one person. on this profile. I think its worth a warning to the person 001_smile

zoe06 (187 päivää sitten)
how are you?
clarinoush (194 päivää sitten)
So... You makes some times to answer me. It's not courtly. But I forgive you wink2
Where did you go for your holidays?
I'm fine and you??

zoe06 (200 päivää sitten)
clarinoush (208 päivää sitten)
yes, we can write, that's what I meant
clarinoush (208 päivää sitten)
Maybe we can to start to speak? it's a good thing to learn, what do you think?
clarinoush (208 päivää sitten)
Hello, I'm new here, and i would like to improve my english, can you help me please innocent
Adriano-FR (267 päivää sitten)
Hey Remus wink2 Do you mind talks in which you correct the other ? I know basics of English language but i need practice. Also it would be a pleasure to discover a new person 001_smile
nicole1001 (325 päivää sitten)
Please send me your email, then i can answee your question :-)
cloehrd (328 päivää sitten)
excuse me I had a probleme
happinessx (380 päivää sitten)
I'm glad that caused the smile on your face:D
By the way love for food it is a beautiful love, haha biggrin
happinessx (380 päivää sitten)
Hello Remus!
I know you're a moderator, but I don't have any problems with this website. Just I want write you that you have great profile photo. Improved my mood 001_tongue
Have a nice day!
Camille1 (457 päivää sitten)
Thank you Remus ^^, I just want to improve my English vocabulary pitiful, and I think you are very well placed to improve my level haha :')
Camille1 (459 päivää sitten)
Hello Remus. I need someone who can teach me English, I would love that you accept my request! In against part I could teach you French if you want ! 001_rolleyes
Micahlazzo (536 päivää sitten)
Hi. How can i upload a profilpicture on tablet? Cause everytime i want to load a picture my Internet is broken then and ive to turn my tablet off. Is the only way to upload a pic on Computer?
kinouch (558 päivää sitten)
Remuuuus miss you ^^ 001_tt2 001_tt2 001_tt2 001_tt2
turbanoutfitters1996 (563 päivää sitten)
I want to ask what is considered to be something that needs to be reported about a member? Whats the limit?
turbanoutfitters1996 (591 päivää sitten)
How to become a moderator 001_smile
BartL (592 päivää sitten)
Can you get in the chat or Shall I mail you..?
BartL (592 päivää sitten)
I hope you're awake and you can get into the chat now
angel123 (604 päivää sitten)
yeah I saw that my chat was disconnected huh
Jaqen_Hghar (613 päivää sitten)

updated profile note as per website standards!
Jaqen_Hghar (613 päivää sitten)
After how long,can i get unban in chat? i appreciate you weren't biased.
ChocolateHeart (619 päivää sitten)
And you are rude 001_tongue
ChocolateHeart (619 päivää sitten)
Oh, I am sooo rude! 001_tongue
Plume-de-Serpent (634 päivää sitten)
This is a relly good idea, thanks, I'll try!

But Erasmus is my second option, I strongly hope I'll be accepted as language assistant!

Btw, what are for you the greatest cities in UK to live in? 001_smile
Plume-de-Serpent (634 päivää sitten)
Never mind, I like dumps 001_tongue Funnier than big cities!
Well, the thing is... it's the only university in the UK having a convention with mine biggrin
Lesia_Sim (635 päivää sitten)
Hi. I'm not good at Romanian language sorry 001_smile but thank you for message 001_rolleyes
kinouch (637 päivää sitten)
Miss you, take care ^^
kinouch (642 päivää sitten)
kinouch (643 päivää sitten)
yeah How was your day?? chef
kinouch (643 päivää sitten)
I'm sorry for yesterday, my computer had a problem
Sara7 (643 päivää sitten)
HI ! i study english here and work as well 001_smile
kinouch (657 päivää sitten)
Sure wink2, take care bro 001_smile
kinouch (657 päivää sitten)
You like it now?
kinouch (657 päivää sitten)
Like you've say me, i've receive message telling me to put real photo of me wink2.

I change it
kinouch (657 päivää sitten)
Really you are!! How much time did you control other's profile biggrin
A.M.I. (663 päivää sitten)
Ceau Remus! Da mai traiesc big_smile, doar ca am inceput scoala si nu mai am mult timp. Dar daca vrei tu scriem in e-mail, aia o controlez ^_^
BartL (664 päivää sitten)
Can you get online ?
Hendrikaxxx (680 päivää sitten)
Let's just say im glad it's the weekend!!
Hendrikaxxx (682 päivää sitten)
Hi how are you?
Matriochka (704 päivää sitten)
I gave you a reason?
A.M.I. (705 päivää sitten)
Remus, intra in chatt
A.M.I. (705 päivää sitten)
La ce imi trbuie?
A.M.I. (705 päivää sitten)
Remus ce ii linkul ala ce l-ai trimis?
coccinelle (706 päivää sitten)
Hm? 001_tongue
coccinelle (706 päivää sitten)
coccinelle (706 päivää sitten)
tafa (707 päivää sitten)
hello how are i am moustapha from senegal in west africa and nice to meet you i am looking for foregner friends
marilynswife (720 päivää sitten)
Its you, im still there
likeniomi (738 päivää sitten)
Don't worry. Me2
Enormis_kat (740 päivää sitten)
Okey, but why I disconnected from the chat??
Roxguitar (760 päivää sitten)
I don't have no more email
Roxguitar (761 päivää sitten)
I'm from italy and you? 001_smile
Roxguitar (761 päivää sitten)
Sina1501 (820 päivää sitten)
thanks for your nice comment.
Yes, after my apprenticeship I'd like to go a year abroad in Crewe.
I'll let you know If it works.
MariaS (832 päivää sitten)
Hii, I'm fine ... today I celebrate Easter. 001_smile Happy Easter by the way!
MariaS (852 päivää sitten)
Hey!How are you? biggrin
eve.r (899 päivää sitten)
No, argh it's not what I had in mind but ok. I just couldn't sleep wink2
eve.r (899 päivää sitten)
haha ok, me too biggrin
Lusinda (925 päivää sitten)
THANKS wink2
MeggyT (954 päivää sitten)
What? No! I'm not that vicious, but I saw your post from like 2 months ago on my profile that's why I asked if you missed me~
MeggyT (956 päivää sitten)
Miss me already? wink2
j960901 (1012 päivää sitten)
oh i got it thumbup1
j960901 (1015 päivää sitten)
oh that's amazing yes how?
j960901 (1017 päivää sitten)
Oh! I got it sorcerer
Then, where r u born?
j960901 (1022 päivää sitten)
I think it doesn't matter at all yes
But that's very interesing!
Can i ask why u don't speak German? 001_smile
j960901 (1022 päivää sitten)
hi! Nice to meet u
My name is May and i'm from South Korea wink2
Can i be ur friendXD?
anabe (1030 päivää sitten)
Hola 001_smile
TsionAbyssinia (1079 päivää sitten)
When did you start fencing?
sussana (1085 päivää sitten)
ha ha, ma tem ca nu o sa-mi ajung banii pentru insula,sper macar de o mica vacanta intr-un loc exotic:-)
Sina311 (1085 päivää sitten) biggrin
My hholidays started this week and last until the second week in september^^
Only 6 weeks :/
sussana (1086 päivää sitten)
Salut! Ce pot sa mai fac eu aici - lucrez ca si toata lumea:-)
Sina311 (1087 päivää sitten)
I am fine too 001_smile
Yesterday have started my summer holidays+ biggrin
Sina311 (1087 päivää sitten)
Hey biggrin
Nice to meet you! 001_smile
How are you?
Zebowa666 (1088 päivää sitten)
Ok! Thank you for your help!wink2
Strawberry_13 (1088 päivää sitten)
Oops I disconnected again! Sorry! >__< I think I fell asleep
Zebowa666 (1088 päivää sitten)
Hi!001_smile I think that Romanian language sounds very beautiful!001_smile
Leenna (1089 päivää sitten)
No problem.001_smile Thanks.
Have a nice day !
popelina (1089 päivää sitten)
No no !! biggrin My friends biggrin
popelina (1090 päivää sitten)
free days sounds great! 001_smile You know in Sunday I was at wedding my friends:) I had a great time!
popelina (1095 päivää sitten)
oh haha I think like the most of the people biggrin How was your day? 001_smile
popelina (1099 päivää sitten)
Sounds good:) Do you like your job? 001_smile
MeggyT (1100 päivää sitten)
Aw how thoughtful, thanks. 001_smile I've seen some nice ones on Tumblr, too! But the pic with all the veggies at the grocery store??? I've never seen so many veggies piled up like this. O_o And the one with the USB things is absolutely cute, they're like in love daw. =')
MeggyT (1101 päivää sitten)
You just spammed me!!!
Yeah well especially when you speak your main languege 24/7, ofc my accent's not perfect and I've been working on it for a while, and I'm not saying it sounds like a native accent from one of the English-speaking countries but yeah it's a lot less French than the true French accent. XD
MeggyT (1101 päivää sitten)
I don't, but it's not my real voice btw. On the recording I couldn't even recognize my own voice. XD The mic on my laptop is sh*t. --'
MeggyT (1101 päivää sitten)
Here's your recording, as promised. By the end, you can hear my dog drinking and I'm sorry about that. XD And my voice definitely doesn't sound like this, here it sounds like I'm a 10-year-old boy, ugh. --'
popelina (1102 päivää sitten)
Hi 001_smile I have a holiday :)Where do you work ?001_smile
yaminelastar (1104 päivää sitten)
hi Remus
how are you doing?
popelina (1104 päivää sitten)
Hi! How are you?001_smile
Robascus (1108 päivää sitten)
Thank you very much 001_smile It helped a lot
MeggyT (1108 päivää sitten)
Oh don't you worry, you've been cursed for life. 001_smile
MeggyT (1111 päivää sitten)
What? I'll keep an eye on you, careful.. <_<
Robascus (1112 päivää sitten)

I want to teach myself math but I dont know how the Level system works in the UK I think A level is the highest but I am not sure. Could you clear this up a bit?

I hope to hear form you soon,

Kind Regards,

mitchan (1114 päivää sitten)
anyway this issue has been solved. let's end the discussion 001_smile
mitchan (1114 päivää sitten)
for me, what a moderator says doesn't sound like an order of police at all. it would be more unpleasant rather that unknown member says to me like that suddenly. and i think every member doesn't know you are a moderator of this site even if your profile proves it. in fact i understood it for the first time after you said so.
mitchan (1115 päivää sitten)
anyway i accept your attention but you should have told that you are an administrator from the beginning, otherwise you would look like a nagging claimer merely. 001_smile
mitchan (1115 päivää sitten)
wow thank you for praising my English!! haha. but really i hardly can understand native speakers' way.
didn't know that you have to listen to that jingle so many times. i hear it comes out only when the owner (me) didn't edit the player for days, so i didn't know. (actually i edit it frequently)
mitchan (1115 päivää sitten)
??? excuse me but as you know am not an English speaker, so i cannot understand what you say. please speak in Japanese or speak easier English 001_smile
you are not an admin of this site, right? i think you have no right to say such a thing. ask about this issue to him and ask him to explain to me, if you don't like what i do that much.
mitchan (1115 päivää sitten)
can you tell me the reason? i don't infringe the rules of this site at all. if you don't want to listen, click the stop button.
Babe (1116 päivää sitten)
But you would offend, if I said you were not. Oh, men... biggrin
Babe (1116 päivää sitten)
Okay, I'll pretend you're also right wink2
Babe (1116 päivää sitten)
Nevermind, a wise woman always lets a man to win biggrin
Babe (1116 päivää sitten)
Haha biggrin don't be so modest, you're good at everything 001_smile I remember, how I was a looser most of the time we played checkers
Babe (1116 päivää sitten)
Btw, you forgot to mention here that you are good at checkers biggrin lol
Babe (1116 päivää sitten)
Yeah,I'm also busy then. We'll decide that after this weekend, okay?
Babe (1116 päivää sitten)
I don't really remember the last time I was here online. Anyway, I am at my parents' house near Kharkiv. What about caming like next week or sth?001_smile
Babe (1116 päivää sitten)
Hi! Wanna talk? [2] biggrin
TsionAbyssinia (1118 päivää sitten)
Hi! Wanna talk?
Allnicknamesaretaken (1122 päivää sitten)
Hi, you seem nice 001_smile Want to talk some time? I want to improve my English but don't worry, you won't have to teach me wink2
Jaim (1138 päivää sitten)
You should send me an email! (e-mail hidden) that would talk so much easier!
Jaim (1138 päivää sitten)
Yeah its a great country! My buni, matoesa and other parts of the family live there. So we visit them yes! They live in Brasov. I love Romania, i am half a Romanian girl so offcourse I love Romania!
Jaim (1138 päivää sitten)
They live in Brasov, do you know that city?
Jaim (1138 päivää sitten)
Da! Mama mea este din România. Pur Èi simplu nu-l vorbesc de bine ..

la revedere
Daniela95 (1153 päivää sitten)
Nuuuu nu mai plictisit stai linistit!001_smile îmi place foarte mult sa cunosc RealitÄÈi diferite. Obiectele îmi plac foarte mult in orice caz.. Sincer îmi pare ceva interesant si original! Dar dupÄ ca ce profesii ai putea avea?
Eu cred ca deja dacÄ ai experienÈe(Erasmus) de genul asta eÈti mai avantajat. E clar ca experientele sint importante!001_smile
Daniela95 (1153 päivää sitten)
Sincer nici nu Ètiu unde l-am primit! Ahah pe mail meu sau pe site? Pentru ca nu vad nimic:(
Daniela95 (1155 päivää sitten)
Ai dreptate e clar ca Sint mai multe oportunitati in strÄinÄtate. Dar examenele sint grele? E super ca are aÈa prestigiu mÄcar aÈa cind vei termina te vei recunoaÈte printre ' alÈii'
Dar ce obiecte ai? Prima data aud de Asa facultate:)
Daniela95 (1156 päivää sitten)
Nu nu am cetÄÈanie româneascÄ din pÄcate..
As vrea dupÄ sa fac economie marketing si limbi. E un mix bun sa zicem:)
jana.banana (1156 päivää sitten)
Could you tell me how to delete my profile, please?
Daniela95 (1157 päivää sitten)
Wow:) e super Erasmus! As Vrea si eu:(

In orice caz te consider norocos:) e super sa ai posibilitatea de a face atitea experienÈe! Si mie mie dor de casa! August vine ahah mai repede anul acesta am bacul si termin la sfirsit de Iunie apoi sint libera!biggrin si se incepe nuova viaÈa la universitate ahah de-abia astept
Daniela95 (1157 päivää sitten)
Sint din ungheni(Moldova) 001_smile am venit aici 6 ani in urma. Si se cind nu pleci acasÄ? Vara cred ca nu ai ce face acolo
Daniela95 (1158 päivää sitten)
Woow super la universitate acolo:) as vrea eu sa fiu in locul tau

Am ajuns pe site pentru ca am o prietena care sa înscris pentru a învaÈÄ ingleza:)
Daniela95 (1159 päivää sitten)
Ahah:)) de unde eÈti?
Daniela95 (1160 päivää sitten)
Ahah dacÄ am gÄsit-o atunci am pus-o001_smile
Kiwiii (1173 päivää sitten)
Hi 001_smile how are Ya?
Yeah family and friends organized me a birthday surprise party and I sas so tired haha
Sincere.friend (1179 päivää sitten)
Hi there! Greetings from South West Morocco I also like to meet new people from all over the globe. I'd like to be your friend, if you don't mind you can text me back I'm looking forward to know a lot more about you. peace
fabiolafurnari92 (1185 päivää sitten)
I'm alright thanks! What about you? I hardly ever use Penpal. Do you use skype or any other social platforms?
dolcenera (1189 päivää sitten)
I'm still online!
fabiolafurnari92 (1189 päivää sitten)
Hiiii there 001_smile)))
Viola94 (1191 päivää sitten)
4 hours it is biggrin
Eastman01 (1192 päivää sitten)
Hi! How are you?
xxMelly (1214 päivää sitten)
Oh i know this formation ! My brother studies it :p ! But he wants to teach.

I understand the pictures now ! 001_smile

Indeed you're right ! It's so much work !
That's why it's was so hard, not much time, stress, trying to have social life... XD

Yes I know ! ! One almost two years, shame on me. sad
xxMelly (1214 päivää sitten)
I'm good too, thanks ! biggrin
Which part of England ? What are you doing there? 001_smile

Well...When I started university i stopped going over here and internet.

Last year, in the middle of the year I changed my formation. I study french law now... Thats why it's ben a pretty hard period.. But now as i'm good I come back ! biggrin
xxMelly (1214 päivää sitten)
Hey !
I'm back here... how are you? It's been such a long time. You live in England now right?

Bye 001_smile
nataszaavery (1224 päivää sitten)
jana.banana (1240 päivää sitten)
I still dont know how to change my Email asress there is no field on the site''your profile''where to do ..please help 001_smile
BartL (1242 päivää sitten)
Hey guy,
I'm ending ppg by now.
It was a very nice time here, until some idiots came by and started swearing about everything and nothing, and just kept complaining, (mostly about me)
So I decided that it'll be better if i'm gone.

Take care wink2
OlgaKh (1250 päivää sitten)
Hi, Remus! thanks for leaving me a note) Hope you are ok. a bit surprised to see you are interested in tavli, that gives me idea you are also interested in history.It's great. I tried playing tavli with my son, but making the board with stones I enjoyed more))
Suffy (1290 päivää sitten)
BartL (1291 päivää sitten)
Well, It didn't work..
Suffy (1293 päivää sitten)
oww no, hhaha! i was just inquisitiv;)
Ahtibat (1297 päivää sitten)
noapte bunÄ Remus
Ahtibat (1297 päivää sitten)
my ex is romanian and they were very bad people. at this moment i do not work. but multumesc... lol1
Ahtibat (1297 päivää sitten)
my romanian is for a stupid reason... so i can hear when somebody wants to robe the store. i want to understand them... i know a little... but thanx 001_tongue
agnist (1300 päivää sitten)
hello biggrin
hooooow r u biggrin ?
Fearless (1338 päivää sitten)
I'm sorry, I can't send other e-mail... This is another stupid limit! sad I'll write you tomorrow and I promise that I'll finish answering second part of your e-mail! 001_smile
Fearless (1340 päivää sitten)
Hi! How are you? I'm Aurora and I'm Italian... I would like improve my english and meet you! If you want, write me! 001_smile
fei_eme (1349 päivää sitten)
Oh cool!
I'm still in high school, but fortunately it's my last year...
fei_eme (1349 päivää sitten)
I'm good thank you 001_smile
What are you studying exactly? 001_smile
Do you attend the university?
fei_eme (1351 päivää sitten)
Hi! How are you?
I'm federica, I'm from Italy, nice to meet you!
angela007 (1361 päivää sitten)
yea me too wink2 what are you doing now ? ;>
angela007 (1362 päivää sitten)
hello, how are you?
Hepburn (1372 päivää sitten)
ups, sorry wink2
Hepburn (1372 päivää sitten)
Fine thank you 001_smile now, I'm studying English, 001_smile
Good luck on the match. 001_smile
Hepburn (1372 päivää sitten)
I want to aks you, how are you ? You so quiet wink2
Hepburn (1372 päivää sitten)
hi 001_smile Why yo quiet?
Hepburn (1377 päivää sitten)
I don't know. Maybe, but I'm afraid about my English. I mean, that nobody understand what I'm taking about. And I won't uderstand what somebody talk to me. I'm still studying english 001_smile
Hepburn (1377 päivää sitten)
We're going there fod exchange 001_smile we're living in English family one week. We're having english lessons in school for foreigners 001_smile I hope that I improve my english and I will meet new people biggrin
Hepburn (1377 päivää sitten)
I agree with you 001_smile
In vacation I was in fencing camp and there were only 10 people who fence sabre, rest fought by sword. sad
And I want to thank you for your comment about my English. It's very important to me because in January I'm going to London with my school 001_smile
Hepburn (1377 päivää sitten)
Hey 001_smile I'm Natalie and I'm from Poland. I see that you train a fencing too. 001_smile I love this sport 001_smile If you want to talk write to me 001_smile and I want to check my English skills 001_smile
VajoletKosta (1411 päivää sitten)
Cool name
angelangel (1454 päivää sitten)
Hello 001_smile How are You ? I would speak in english with you to impove my english. Can you help me ? 001_smile
Hung.Yen (1470 päivää sitten)
Nice then~~ yes thumbup1
Hung.Yen (1475 päivää sitten)
You won't give them the chances, will you? I've always think you're an astute guy xD anyways, what will people do if they really want to take advantage of you? I'm curious ^^ 001_tongue
xxnerdy (1478 päivää sitten)
Hi 001_smile I'm Giulia, how are you? biggrin
Hung.Yen (1478 päivää sitten)
I consider that an advantage ^^
Madotsuki (1486 päivää sitten)
I believe this is also a comment.
Pauline1202 (1487 päivää sitten)
Thanks !
Ahah indeed, this is a little bit problematical ! Hope you'll find something to do ! ^^
Hung.Yen (1489 päivää sitten)
hehe 001_tongue
Hung.Yen (1489 päivää sitten)
that sounds just like you stuart 001_tongue

Pauline1202 (1489 päivää sitten)
For the moment i can't enjoy my holidays because I have to study for my french oral but it won't last, i'll pass it soon. Moreover it's very sunny at the moment in France. Briskly the sun arrive and that the exam was passed.
What about you ? 001_smile
Pauline1202 (1490 päivää sitten)
Hi how are you ? 001_smile
Hung.Yen (1502 päivää sitten)
I've no idea, actually sad
Perhaps I'll arrange a short trip glare
And how's your holiday doing~?
Hung.Yen (1509 päivää sitten)
Aww, lucky one taz
Anyways, I just smartass from school yesterday!! punk clap haha it was so exhilarating 001_tongue
Hung.Yen (1515 päivää sitten)
Yes, sure, I am convinced! 001_cool (Still I can't resist the temptation to surf the Net lol1 )
Your semester finished really SOON o.O ! How come? it's May.... Even summer hasn't arrived 001_tongue
kiska040807 (1515 päivää sitten)
REEEMMUUUUSSSSS wink2)))) best regards from rainy germany 001_tongue hope u still know me eek
Hung.Yen (1521 päivää sitten)
chatting has nothing to do with age hammer (well perhaps when i'm 19 I'll say the same thing 001_tongue ) i suppose it's busy in college 001_tongue ?!
If I have the opportunity to go to UK, I certainly will 001_smile (Coventry... right? biggrin ) thank you in advance 001_smile
also, have a nice holiday scooter
Hung.Yen (1526 päivää sitten)
I'm good, just quite bored sad err... Bloody bored!! XD
I noticed that you're living in United Kingdom(which makes me jealous 001_tongue) are you studying over there? btw, I rarely see you in chat room now, how are you punk ?
Hung.Yen (1529 päivää sitten)
Heey! Remus! Do you remember me 001_tongue I'm so bored and I miss you 001_tongue hehe
Barbara65 (1601 päivää sitten)
Yes for this year but not the next one wink2
Barbara65 (1604 päivää sitten)
Im gonna try to study at Berlin
the town is fantastic !
LenFika (1611 päivää sitten)
And I hate wasting someone's time, so I also don't wanna waste your time!
I don't want you to waste my time.
LenFika (1611 päivää sitten)
What I wanted to tell you was about why you can't associate those character pictures put on someone's profile with how much he/she likes them. In other words, it was what I wanted to tell you that it seemed to me that you can't associate them with his/her preference for them. Do you see what I mean?
LenFika (1611 päivää sitten)
I don't give a darn about whether you won't response to my comment or not, but I wanna get this straight.
I know the rules of this site were made by the person called Vedlen, not you.
LenFika (1611 päivää sitten)
When I see characters' pictures put on someone's profile, I'd rather think that he/she likes those kinds of things than think that it doesn't make any sense that they're put on his/her profile.
I think it just seems beyond the reach of your understanding for you.
LenFika (1611 päivää sitten)
And there's one thing I've really truly wanted to tell you.
You said to me that it's the same for distinguishing a dog from a tree.
I don't understand why on earth you think like that about people who put those photos like characters' images not theirs on their profiles.
LenFika (1611 päivää sitten)
Okay, I got it. You mean you want me to inquire Vedlen when something like that happens to me?
Thank you for giving me the address to visit the person called Vedlen.
LenFika (1612 päivää sitten)
And even though you didn't report me to the operator of this site about putting the two character pictures on my profile, I have a strong hunch that you did.
LenFika (1612 päivää sitten)
So, the conclusion is, I don't want you to warn me about putting character pictures on my profile any longer because as you can see, my photo is always put there.
LenFika (1612 päivää sitten)
After putting my photo on it, I can add a character picture or something to my profile, can't I?
Everyone knows the female character in the two pictures is not me as long as they're not so foolish as they can't distinguish easily between me and her in them.
LenFika (1612 päivää sitten)
So, you didn't need to give me the warning, did you?
The operator of this site already warned me that I shouldn't put any other photos but mine on my profile.
After that, I put my photo and the two pictures of the female character that was one of my favorite characters
LenFika (1613 päivää sitten)
You said to me that it was yourself who gave me the warning.
So, are you the manager of this site or something?
LenFika (1613 päivää sitten)
Did you happen to report me to the operator of this site for putting the two pictures of the female character on my profile?
The operator sent me an e-mail, which said that Remus gave me a warning.
So, I searched "Remus" on this site, and then, there appeared three people related to Remus, one of whom was you.
Barbara65 (1639 päivää sitten)
I'm fine I'm at the Uni now 001_smile so how is Coventry ?
Barbara65 (1640 päivää sitten)
lol I'm goofy I haven't read yout summary so where do you live in England now ?
Barbara65 (1640 päivää sitten)
Remus 001_smile it has been a while how are you doing ? you're in England now ?
yaminelastar (1645 päivää sitten)
I would like to discuss that it's really a long time that is not discussed
yaminelastar (1645 päivää sitten)
hey Remus,i'm very good thanks
and you Remus how are you doing?
Oh-Scar (1647 päivää sitten)
Sorry for the late reply too Remus ^^ i like to play poker, it's not about cards or chance but about you and the foes aha, you're on facebook? it will be more easy.

Happy new year by the way wink2
Oh-Scar (1682 päivää sitten)
Hi Remus, how are you? i hope you're fine, tell me you're a poker player?
If you want to talk in french or english about poker i'm sure it will be interesting, so maybe see you soon, on FB or penpal gate 001_smile
LeXoO (1683 päivää sitten)
Tss 001_tongue
LeXoO (1683 päivää sitten)
:O unde e drapelul romaniei ???
Babe (1708 päivää sitten)
didn`t expect it would play biggrin and my headphones were on the highest point
Babe (1712 päivää sitten)
I was damn scared by your song xD
Alekssandra (1727 päivää sitten)
Me too :)You like cooking?What most? big_smile
Alekssandra (1728 päivää sitten)
Hi :d How are you?
Amoian (1792 päivää sitten)
Ok (:
Amoian (1792 päivää sitten)
Alright then~ It's unusual name so I hope you are not offended by my assumption. But may I know why it is that you dislike HP?
Amoian (1792 päivää sitten)
Ah, alright~ I understand that all too well. I wish I could simply live like that, sleep during sun-time and be active during the night. But noo.. duty calls XD ~ your name is very interesting. Harry Potter fan, maybe?
Amoian (1792 päivää sitten)
ah,so you actually prefer to stay awake during suntime? ~ that's actually lucky! I start school on 1 September. :<
Amoian (1792 päivää sitten)
I know that problem all too well. School's starting soon for me so I have to get back to regular pattern as much as I hate it. ~ I don't like suntime because I don't like the sun.. :/
Amoian (1792 päivää sitten)
Nocturnal pattern, hm? 001_smile ~ I slept from 5am to 5pm xD
Amoian (1792 päivää sitten)
"My hobby is sleeping" you say. Mine too biggrin
Amoian (1793 päivää sitten)
The free info quote is a very good one indeed!~ I try to follow that one as much as I can. Oh and I'm glad that I found someone that I share a hobby with!~ wink2
Morrek (1795 päivää sitten)
I heard of Romania vampires~~~
alexia0607 (1821 päivää sitten)
On my phone* (?)
alexia0607 (1821 päivää sitten)
Haha ! Ok, so you have to search Alexia Mozin.
I'm the only one all over the world. (well, normally biggrin )

I'm in my phone and i haven't the courage to put the link.. :$
alexia0607 (1821 päivää sitten)
Haha you are someone who knows what he wants ! 001_smile
Well, girls sometimes need someone who knows motivate us ! biggrin
Do you have Facebook ? I Think it will be more simple !
alexia0607 (1821 päivää sitten)
Are you vulgar ? Haha. ^^
It was my friends (boys) who learnt me how to play basket so I used to be train with boys but I had not their level so I was discoraged... wink2
alexia0607 (1821 päivää sitten)
You'll coach me. biggrin
alexia0607 (1821 päivää sitten)
You want to become a professor of sport or maybe a coach ? biggrin

alexia0607 (1821 päivää sitten)
To study sport ? biggrin
I think I know it ! It's near Birmingham ?
alexia0607 (1821 päivää sitten)
I stay in reims for 3 years in order to have my diploma but there are two training courses abroad during 6 months. wink2 and after my diploma I would like to go away during 2 years.001_smile

yeah it's good ! And where do you want to go ?
alexia0607 (1821 päivää sitten)
No, I don't know her. 001_smile
yes ! I think I'll spend this year to improve my English, Spanish and Italian and in July I'd like to go to England. I don't know where exactly but I think it's possible to find a job. wink2
and the second month, in august, I'd like to go to Italy...
alexia0607 (1821 päivää sitten)
haha ! And what's her name ? Maybe I know her because it's a small city and everybody knows each others. wink2
Yeah it's a pretty city but there is nothing to do... That's way I want to go away. 001_smile
alexia0607 (1822 päivää sitten)
Yes! Sorry ! ^^'

oh bordeaux it's a beautiful city. I live in the north but the sud it's better, most beautiful...
alexia0607 (1823 päivää sitten)
Have you already came in France ? 001_smile Where ?

(sorry I have also difficult with questions... ^^' )
alexia0607 (1823 päivää sitten)
Well i mean this music is other different by report (?) French music. wink2

Sorry if you don't understand.. :/
alexia0607 (1823 päivää sitten)
Well I mean this music is rather different
alexia0607 (1823 päivää sitten)
Yes, I like ! 001_smile it sounds a little like Italian but not like Spanish... wink2
it's something so different that we have in French !
alexia0607 (1823 päivää sitten)
It doesn't matter ! I listen everything. wink2
alexia0607 (1824 päivää sitten)
Yes ! It's a stupid mistake... ^^'

Oh, I think it's a pretty language ! wink2
Maybe in September I'm going to learn Russian if I can't continue Italian !
Can you tell me a song romanian ? biggrin
alexia0607 (1824 päivää sitten)
Cool, I think it's what i'm going to do ! wink2

No, I understand nothing! Haha. I have a friend who is come from romania, he's also bilingual, he speaks french and english very well but I never hear him speaks romanian... sad
I'm wondering how it sounds like ! (?)
alexia0607 (1824 päivää sitten)
Too bad ! 001_smile And if you can learn me some expressions, unless I ask you too much... 001_tongue

And what do you mean your sentence? I haven't the courage to look for the traduction... wink2
alexia0607 (1824 päivää sitten)
Noo your French is right, even if you had wrote two lines... Lol
I have some difficults with the temps, so of you can correct me when I make mistakes, please? 001_smile

Haha I don't understand anything! It's romanian ?!
alexia0607 (1824 päivää sitten)
You're lucky ! biggrin
Et si je te parle en français tu comprendras ? wink2
And I made a lot of mistakes with my English? :/
alexia0607 (1824 päivää sitten)
bilingual * 001_smile
alexia0607 (1824 päivää sitten)
Yes haha ! 001_smile

Are you bilingue?
alexia0607 (1824 päivää sitten)
I live in a city, so I don't have any place... sad
So, later, when I'll be rich ! 001_tongue
alexia0607 (1824 päivää sitten)
I'm a rich girl ! biggrin
No in realty, with the university, we pay 30euros for the year and we do the sport that we want.. It's not very expensive !
alexia0607 (1824 päivää sitten)
You're right... wink2 But volleyball is boring ! Haha
But the equitation tempts me at the moment...
alexia0607 (1824 päivää sitten)
No it's not complicated, it's just that it's not a sport of competition but rather a leisure ! wink2

If you think like that, we can say basketball it's also boring, put a ball into a basket. 001_tongue
alexia0607 (1824 päivää sitten)
I hate Volleyball haha. wink2 I think i'll try equitation...
In France, we have a "cliché", those who play the petanque are the ones who don't work anymore because they are too old.. (I don't remember excatly the word) Haha. biggrin
And we cannot play without the famous pastis, an alcohol at the apéritif :p
alexia0607 (1824 päivää sitten)
Great job! biggrin
In my University there is also basketball but I think they want some girls who play very well.. So I think i'm going to stop it, but continue to play with my friends. And start a new sport but I don't know which(?)...
alexia0607 (1824 päivää sitten)
Hey ! 001_smile Yes, I play Basketball for 3 years, but I haven't got a high level. sad
Do you play basket too? ^^
Saverio (1846 päivää sitten)
hmm yes you won... if i have 5000⬠i'll send you...but i don't have 5000⬠sooo..001_tongue
CrazyKiddo (1846 päivää sitten)
Si asta. Rusa e printre limbile care suna foarte bine in viziunea mea. Si in ceea ce priveste jobul... Ce dracu, sunt doua luni, as putea sa fac niste bani.. Imi trebuie destui..
CrazyKiddo (1846 päivää sitten)
Si de cealalta parte, sunt o fiinta sociabila, imi place sa vorbesc. Dintre cei cu care vorbeam pe Vindictus, n-a mai ramas decat un tip si asta ma oftica pentru ca era o gasca mai mare si faceam niste conferinte smechere. Asa ca acum imi caut companie. Hell week e doar saptamana asta, vreau sa fac ceva interesant dupa. Eventual poate si un job.
CrazyKiddo (1846 päivää sitten)
Huh, nu. Ce legatura are Edgar cu mania mea pentru rusi si asiatici? O am de ani buni si e inradacinata din motive mai putin logice (i.e. cica rusii au cele mai frumoase femei; multi tipi asiatici arata foarte bine si la fel si tipele.) Sunt draguti. Eye candy. Mania mea e pentru ce este frumos...
CrazyKiddo (1846 päivää sitten)
Ma, nu chiar, dar ce pot sa zic, am o manie. Rusii imi amintesc de mafie si nu-i ca si cum o sa dau de vreun mafioso pe aici, nu?
PhiloSophia (1847 päivää sitten)
6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes...
Adrien-FR (1852 päivää sitten)
I'll go to see people from my family 001_smile
And what will u study ?
Adrien-FR (1853 päivää sitten)
Hi Remus !
How're you ?
I really like Romania, and I go to Bucarest on August !
Actually,I don't play poker sorry !
You go to the university next year ?
Samanta913 (1853 päivää sitten)
hmm there... boring like everytime 001_smile i will have vacation on Friday 001_smile yay! i will sing at school last time:/
I'm bored when I must sing there... wink2 butr i shpuld make my funclub bigeer and biggerr biggrin haha:D
Yes, I do 001_smile But I hate it. I prefer skype 001_smile
Samanta913 (1853 päivää sitten)
haha yes biggrin
what's new?001_smile
Crusoe (1853 päivää sitten)
Martina94 (1853 päivää sitten)
Yeah, this is annoying wink2
Samanta913 (1853 päivää sitten)
to cudowne! też uważÄsz że jest to trudny jÄzyk?001_smile
Samanta913 (1853 päivää sitten)
nie, po prostu wszÄdzie liczÄ siÄ chÄci i to wszystko 001_smile
jak dÅugo siÄ uczysz polskiego?
Samanta913 (1854 päivää sitten)
to tylko 5 jÄzyków001_smile chciaÅabym umieÄ wiÄcej wink2
Martina94 (1854 päivää sitten)
I really tried but I'm just a little pink arms ;/ It wasn't hot, but I was very happy that sun was coming ! wink2
Martina94 (1854 päivää sitten)
I see that today you have problem with your net wink2 But don't matter wink2
I tell you about my weekend wink2
Finally the sun shone, so I went very quickly for my balcony because I wanted to catch a little sunshine;D
MrMarokino (1854 päivää sitten)
[20:17:03] <Laura779> with the Coke they basically put sugars who can help boys to make their dick raising up

[20:17:55] <MrMarokino> who can help boys to make their dick raising up" loool
I just was laughing at what Laura said!
Can't I do that? pfffff
It's not the first time you act like that remus! Try to understand the situation before to kick
MrMarokino (1854 päivää sitten)
What is f***** wrong with you? why did you kick me from the chat!!!
You kicked me another time, without any reason!!! sad pfff
Samanta913 (1854 päivää sitten)
Jestem peÅna podziwu dla Ciebie, że chcesz siÄ uczyÄ tak trudnego jÄzyka! 001_smile
już CiÄ lubiÄ !001_smile jesteÅ wspaniaÅy, że masz tak ambitne plany!
Samanta913 (1854 päivää sitten)
OH! uczysz siÄ polskiego?! ⥠super!
u mnie dobrze, a co u ciebie?001_smile
ImElise (1854 päivää sitten)
Haha. Yes, that's right ! x)
ImElise (1854 päivää sitten)
Ok. I try to remember it, for an other day biggrin
ImElise (1854 päivää sitten)
Oh, you have three ways to say : Bonjour ?
So, for you, I can say : bunÄ, or salut, that's right ? biggrin
ImElise (1854 päivää sitten)
Haha. Vraiment c'est comme ça que tu vois toutes les françaises ? x)
Et bien, disons que la France, c'est assez bien. Enfin, je n'ai pas à me plaindre, personnellement.biggrin. Mais l'anglais, c'est très différent du français. Et je trouve ça intéressant:).
Well, we can say that's for my personal culture. haha.
How do you say : "Bonjour" , in romanian?
ImElise (1855 päivää sitten)
Oui, je préfère l'anglais aussi:)
Haha. Il faudrait tout d'abord que tu m'apprennes à parler en roumain. x)
ImElise (1855 päivää sitten)
Ah, d'accord 001_smile. Je trouve, quand même que tu fais très peu de faute.
Oh, it's almost same than France's time.
ImElise (1855 päivää sitten)
Tu parles français ?
Oh, yes. I understand biggrin. What time is it where you are ?
ImElise (1855 päivää sitten)
Pretty fine, thank's. And you ?
Rmw189 (1855 päivää sitten)
glare ok,ok. You win. You definitely wouldn't want to swim in the rivers in NYC haha.
Martina94 (1855 päivää sitten)
I know, but I'can't stop it. Sorry wink2
Rmw189 (1855 päivää sitten)
A pool! My life is complete.Thank you, sir biggrin
Rachel.M (1855 päivää sitten)
Ok 001_smile
Martina94 (1855 päivää sitten)
I'll try open chat again wink2
Martina94 (1855 päivää sitten)
oh my god, my internet isn't good ;/
Melovewoo (1855 päivää sitten)
Oh Thank you (:
Frenchmily (1855 päivää sitten)
U didnt have any exam this year?
Frenchmily (1855 päivää sitten)
How was you Bac ? 001_smile
Frenchmily (1855 päivää sitten)
Laura779 (1855 päivää sitten)
I'll be in a terrible mood at 8 pm sad
Laura779 (1855 päivää sitten)
Chill a bit dude lol it was just a fancy joke as im a bozo the clown :p
Laura779 (1855 päivää sitten)
Hey why I get banned from the chat?

It was just a little joke wink2
Rachel.M (1856 päivää sitten)
I'm fine thanks !
Rachel.M (1856 päivää sitten)
Hi ! how are You ?
xxMelly (1857 päivää sitten)
Rien, rien. 001_smile
xxMelly (1857 päivää sitten)
Hahah, you really seem to have fun at least. wink2
MrMarokino (1860 päivää sitten)
wrong then and you kicked me !!! So i do not understand you!
Crusoe who created the conflict is not banned?
I'm banned for no reason?
MrMarokino (1860 päivää sitten)
But I didn't say anything wrong!
except the "En plus de ne pas être beau tu n'es pas marrant crusoe" to contest Crusoe because he had insulted me without any reason!
Then you told me i had not to say that and i agree but also he had not to make a remarque about my eyes!
so you came and you told me : no more remarques ok?
And i didn't say anything w
MrMarokino (1860 päivää sitten)
I had something really important to tell to Emilie and marine, why you kicked me? sad
Constantine (1861 päivää sitten)
Oh yes this is difficult language
Constantine (1861 päivää sitten)
My english is not very well xp sorry polish is a funny lAnguage
Constantine (1861 päivää sitten)
You understand polish? Zorumiesz po polsku? ;D
Warren (1862 päivää sitten)
I can't get on the chat !!!!
Barbara65 (1869 päivää sitten)
what did happenned to you ?
Barbara65 (1870 päivää sitten)
Hello Remus sorry i was busy with my studies im now back on track

so what's news ?
arnoofr (1871 päivää sitten)
because my bac is professional (option cook) and the "bac pro" it's easy but after other bac is very hard!
arnoofr (1871 päivää sitten)
I didn't study more than I care so the result is time that I get it
arnoofr (1871 päivää sitten)
i just want 10/20 ( 50% ) for bac fuck school ! i am gangsta ahah
arnoofr (1871 päivää sitten)
big party ever in 6th july for me muahahah
arnoofr (1871 päivää sitten)
me in 6th of july i was result !
and the exam is 11th 18th 19th 20th of jun
arnoofr (1871 päivää sitten)
Yes in one week it's the bac ahah
but finger in the nose biggrin

(you have bac in roumania ?)
arnoofr (1871 päivää sitten)
I cook everything because in school a learn all (i am in "baccalauréat (diploma)" and after i finish i go in pastry for One year ! but in house i test all possibility (exemple: risotto (rice)cooked in coca cola, and lot off other test !)
Olgaa (1871 päivää sitten)
Good luck:)
arnoofr (1871 päivää sitten)
Oh no ! i juste want say girls love the cooks!!
and longer it is more tasty good

cooking is done with patience
arnoofr (1871 päivää sitten)
Thx man ! The cook isn't a science :p
Training training training ! it's the key 001_cool and... the girl love that
Olgaa (1871 päivää sitten)
Hello:) I could help you with polish language;)
Barbara65 (1888 päivää sitten)
Barbara65 (1890 päivää sitten)
Yes but its depend on the people =)
Barbara65 (1892 päivää sitten)
hahaha there places are boring no ?
Barbara65 (1892 päivää sitten)
mmmm France UK Usa etc
Barbara65 (1893 päivää sitten)
Lol you have travelled a lot what is your fav county among the list lol ?
Barbara65 (1893 päivää sitten)
I ve been to Italy Roma, Munich Germany
you ?
Barbara65 (1893 päivää sitten)
Oh yes its a pretty nice place indeed =)
Barbara65 (1893 päivää sitten)
Oh ok already went in Hungary by the way ?
Barbara65 (1894 päivää sitten)
Hmm no only before september
Where do u live in Romania ?
151905 (1894 päivää sitten)
Hi,I want to lern yours language because I would like to impress my sister. I think this is very interesting language. I herd miusic like Puya and I want to know what they sing...
Barbara65 (1894 päivää sitten)
no im also at my last year of high school but i wanna study theses fields
Barbara65 (1894 päivää sitten)
Im also a student lol in technology economy =) :2
Barbara65 (1894 päivää sitten)
Szia köszönöm szépen

How are you ?
151905 (1895 päivää sitten)
Hi I see that You want lern polish. I try lern Yours language. Greetings
Luca90 (1899 päivää sitten)
I can't see your message
pufulete (1911 päivää sitten)
multumesc 001_smile
Raindrop (1928 päivää sitten)
Do you really think I like them? haha , I just want to see something :p
Raindrop (1929 päivää sitten)
haha, just in class, so i can see the blackboard 001_smile
qamarabas (1930 päivää sitten)
Thanks, I hope we get a good responce and learn about other languages/cultures.
Babe (1931 päivää sitten)
Valentine95 (1950 päivää sitten)
Yes big waves but not for start haha!
Yes it's more like the mediteranean sea...?
I'm going to sleep now! Bye. :-)
Valentine95 (1950 päivää sitten)
Surf is verry funny! I make surf in summer, and everybody can get to surf, with a profesor!
Valentine95 (1950 päivää sitten)
It's very different! I can make surf in the Atlantic ocean! But it's more dangerous, right?
Valentine95 (1950 päivää sitten)
Yes I see haha! I very like Bordeau, because it's near the ocean!
Valentine95 (1950 päivää sitten)
Good! Where you go when you come in france?
Valentine95 (1950 päivää sitten)
Oh yes sure, but I really want to welcome someone, and my parents are okay, so maybe, it's a good experience! :-)
Valentine95 (1950 päivää sitten)
Thank you Remus!
sanddorn (1957 päivää sitten)
Oui. Je dirais que je suis une fausse débutante en anglais. Ces années-ci je l'ai étudié pas mal mais il y a encore pas mal de choses à faire
sanddorn (1957 päivää sitten)
Micsoda kellemes meglepetés! Köszönöm, jól vagyok. Itt a tavasz! és te? jó tanulàst...
DramaticDreamTeam (1964 päivää sitten)
i don't know the cause because the autoplay is being set off. sad
DramaticDreamTeam (1964 päivää sitten)
thanks for your notice. but my page has no problem to show the music player on my browser.
emson (1969 päivää sitten)
I can only wish you good luck in it, be hard, man! wink2

I'm having fine, just getting better after operation wink2
emson (1970 päivää sitten)
Hey Rem wink2
How are you last times?
Adz92 (1995 päivää sitten)
Okay, thank you for letting me know i've noticed it does this sometimes biggrin
Cherry3 (2009 päivää sitten)
But my holiday is too short!

I will go to school on 28th of this month! TOT

Meanwhile, I also have lots of homework to do as well!

I will graduate from hish school this summer.

umm.. do you know that Chinese students have a heavy burden on studies? T0T
Cherry3 (2009 päivää sitten)
HI, I am Cherry~
I am willing to make friends with you.

The spring festival is on tomorrow, and I am looking forward to it!
Haha~ I will have a lot of delicious food to eat! >_<!!
Cherry3 (2009 päivää sitten)
Hi,nice to meet you~
Lieeeke (2029 päivää sitten)
hahaha sleeping! yeah, sleeping is nice ^^
my interests are reading, movies, hangout with friends, drumming, fitness, drawing, painting, shopping.
Lieeeke (2029 päivää sitten)
thanks! biggrin
what are your interests?
Lieeeke (2029 päivää sitten)
oh okay wink2
oh and happy new year! hihi
Lieeeke (2029 päivää sitten)
i'm good too, yes i love holiday haha wink2
it snow by you ?
Lieeeke (2029 päivää sitten)
hey, how are you ?001_smile
imef (2064 päivää sitten)
Yes, I like basketball but I don't practice it wink2. I play just for fun wink2.
tuska (2064 päivää sitten)
Hi Remus!
I can help you for your learn Polish, if you want wink2
Marta wink2
Babe (2069 päivää sitten)
not too happy either 001_tongue
I don`t prefer doing homework till midnight and even later.But have to 001_smile
Babe (2070 päivää sitten)
I don't remember
Anyway,how are you?
Babe (2076 päivää sitten)
What a pity 001_smile
Babe (2082 päivää sitten)
I guess it is impossible with using of mobile version
Babe (2082 päivää sitten)
I wish we could play krestiki-noliki on penpal biggrin
Victoria777 (2084 päivää sitten)
elisa. (2085 päivää sitten)
hey 001_smile
S-M-I-L-E (2085 päivää sitten)
Heey there !
I'm good
how are you ?
miss_orion (2096 päivää sitten)
like for me U doing well in my language:) see ya:)
miss_orion (2096 päivää sitten)
WiÄc jak Ci idzie w mówieniu w jÄzyku polskim pozdrawiam 001_smile... so how U doing with Polish language greetings for U biggrin
Juilletka (2097 päivää sitten)
That`s near the WrocÅaw 001_smile
RiinaHV (2097 päivää sitten)
Oh, no one said bets. Don't mind the silly ginger talking. She's a bit mental.
RiinaHV (2097 päivää sitten)
You want a medal of some sort? I bet I can make that happen!
RiinaHV (2098 päivää sitten)
ginge (comparative more ginge, superlative most ginge)

1. (pejorative) shortened form of ginger, red-haired

So right you are!
RiinaHV (2098 päivää sitten)
You keep telling yourself that biggrin But then again I'm just a big old ginge. So I guess you're right.
RiinaHV (2098 päivää sitten)
Oh my! But I guess you are right.
RiinaHV (2098 päivää sitten)
Holy crap! That is something. We are having this nasty, super cold rain that's not enough to make you wet (that sounded dirty...) but just annoying enough to make you freezing cold.
RiinaHV (2098 päivää sitten)
Again, you poor soul! But the weather in Finland is absolutely dreadful. You can't do anything but sit inside and be pathetic.
RiinaHV (2098 päivää sitten)
Poor you! I have a fall break which is delightful. No school for a whole week. The sound of that sentence makes me weep the tears of joy.
RiinaHV (2098 päivää sitten)
Oh, I've been good, busy though. School has been a bit...hectic. How about you? 001_smile
Pennell (2105 päivää sitten)
Hey Remus, I was in army training for a few months so I wasn't able to use computers. It's good to be back online though. all is good here at penpal-gate then?
Juilletka (2107 päivää sitten)
Exactly is Lower Silesia. It`s west south Poland, nearby German and Czech Republic 001_smile
Babe (2108 päivää sitten)
What a pity biggrin
i`ll send you sth there
Babe (2108 päivää sitten)
you come here even more often then to fb
am I not mistaken?
RoxanneShaddix (2110 päivää sitten)
RoxanneShaddix (2110 päivää sitten)
where can i see my e`mail message here?)
i don`t know(
RoxanneShaddix (2112 päivää sitten)
do you have an icq or skype or oovoo to chat?)
RoxanneShaddix (2112 päivää sitten)
RoxanneShaddix (2112 päivää sitten)
i see))
i have finishad school in the spring)
now i`m a student ))
001_tongue 001_tongue
cutevie (2114 päivää sitten)
RoxanneShaddix (2114 päivää sitten)
i`m okay, and u?)

nice to meet u)
a78 (2133 päivää sitten)
I had cold yesterday sad
a78 (2133 päivää sitten)
I'm sick and you ?
a78 (2133 päivää sitten)
Hello 001_smile Nice to meet you
CocoChanel13 (2140 päivää sitten)
So ok haha I wich you good luck!!!
CocoChanel13 (2140 päivää sitten)
Ohh cool so your're happy that's your lost year?
CocoChanel13 (2140 päivää sitten)
So I've started school since three weeks.
sad haha no I like it 001_smile And do you like going to school too?
LeXoO (2140 päivää sitten)
001_smile <3
LeXoO (2140 päivää sitten)
CocoChanel13 (2142 päivää sitten)
Hej how are you? I haven't heard of you since a long time!
saral18 (2143 päivää sitten)
hi how are you?
saral18 (2145 päivää sitten)
nevermind92 (2145 päivää sitten)
Hi, I can teach you polish 001_smile
xxMelly (2148 päivää sitten)
Hahha, yeah ! Well.. Enjoy your very last days of holidays then xD!

Yes we do.. Until 6pm sometimes.. That's really sucks >.<
French system does in anyway hahaha wink2

(Ps, If you wanna talk more easily.. We can talk through fb.. I'm not often here anymore.. I'll be busy because of school and stuff, so, it's up to you 001_smile)
xxMelly (2148 päivää sitten)
Oh okay, I see..
Sure.. who loves mathematics.. physics.. etc :p
My side I study english, ( +history taught in english.. As you do!) Spanish, Italian.. And French, of course.
But I would rather learn German.. x)

H-4 For me !
Countdown has started.. 001_smile
xxMelly (2148 päivää sitten)
I can't tell, it's a secret wink2

Oh, which languages?
Which are the ones you like? 001_smile

I'd love to study languages too..
xxMelly (2148 päivää sitten)
As I often to the south of France.. It's usually more than 30 degres there..Horrible I can't stand it ! Hahaha xD Oh Okay, good luck for school then :p ( And I guessed you hated school.. ) What are you studying? 001_smile
xxMelly (2148 päivää sitten)
I like clouds.. And cold weather, so I don't mind it ;P
How long you'll stay there?
Vacations are over for me, tomorrow back to school !

Yeeees, I hope so biggrin
xxMelly (2148 päivää sitten)
It's a nice town.. Too bad I was already gone when you arrived.. I left few hours before you came :/
To Alexandra I guess? 001_smile
Is it nice?
xxMelly (2148 päivää sitten)
Hey Remus! I'm good thanks biggrin
And you? How was France, and Bordeaux?
szprotka7 (2153 päivää sitten)
Do you want to learn polish? xD
paulita (2154 päivää sitten)
Babe (2162 päivää sitten)
Babe (2169 päivää sitten)
Nah I didn`t give it to you.
Keeping it myself 001_tongue
Babe (2169 päivää sitten)
Love the way you edited your post about poker biggrin
Vedlen (2172 päivää sitten)
Lief (2173 päivää sitten)
I agree (: But many times I forgot everything, and that's so... unfair! What is the strangest dream have you done?
Lief (2173 päivää sitten)
Oh, well, don't worry (: Sleeping is funny if you dream, too... and this means that you should enjoy hours when you are awake!
Lief (2173 päivää sitten)
Hey, thank you for the comment (: You know, I really like taking photos, but I am not very good yet. Ah, nice to meet you! I love sleeping, too: it's a great way to spend time biggrin
Julie.B (2173 päivää sitten)
I don't learn Romanian anymore because its difficult on internet and I try to speak english better 001_tongue

maybe, I learn Romanian soon 001_smile
Julie.B (2174 päivää sitten)
when I was little, T have tried to learn rumania 001_smile
Are you stop learn of french?
Julie.B (2174 päivää sitten)
ok biggrin
we can speak english! do you think that french is difficult to learn ? (sorry for my english)
Julie.B (2174 päivää sitten)
Thank you for your answer!
you speak french very well
JsLacy (2179 päivää sitten)
I like the wall on your picture..
I love buildings!!!!
JsLacy (2180 päivää sitten)
Okaiii.Thank you!I know now.
I met a friend,but she was deactivated.
So we send emails...wink2
JsLacy (2181 päivää sitten)
Sorry I ask you here..
JsLacy (2181 päivää sitten)
Why some accounts were deactivated?
JsLacy (2183 päivää sitten)
You can learn it..
But it's a little difficult.
JsLacy (2183 päivää sitten)
Something I like.
Like..Chinese(It's a amzing language)
and...Chinese medicine(But I'm not going to learn that,anyway it's cool)
And something I don't like.
Education(That's awful!!!)
China has lots of lots of lots of people...
CocoChanel13 (2184 päivää sitten)
Hi how are you? I hope you haven't forget me? Write me back!
JsLacy (2186 päivää sitten)
Nice to meet you..
How's Romania like?
JsLacy (2186 päivää sitten)
Jarek81 (2187 päivää sitten)
Hi, Remus
Thanks for yesterday chat wink2
Nice to meet you.
Good luck thumbup1
sasi (2192 päivää sitten)
Hi Remus,
How can i put a photo for the game "where is it?" 001_smile
mart.about (2192 päivää sitten)
Are you lazy?! Ups, It's really a problem. xD But I believe that in future you'll very good speak polish! wink2 If you want to I can teach you! ;P
Sonny (2192 päivää sitten)
yep, you're right 001_smile
but still thank you for support Taiwan.
ulricasu (2192 päivää sitten)
Thanks for helping us~
I'm Taiwanese.
nice to meet you!
Sonny (2192 päivää sitten)
Great! Those Chinese are really unfriendly saddam
Sonny (2192 päivää sitten)
Hey! I saw your message in forums, so you standing on Taiwan's side?
mart.about (2193 päivää sitten)
Hej! I see that you don't understand everythinh, what I wrote you... I told you that your hobby (sleeping) is very creative and interesting. I also love sleep! xD What's about you? Btw. Nice to meet you too and thx for message! wink2
Take care! wink2 P.s. Why are you interested in learning polish language?
mart.about (2194 päivää sitten)
czeÅÄ! Mówisz po Polsku? wink2 Jestem Marta. Mieszkam w Polsce. Twoje hobby (spanie) jest bardzo kreatywne! hahaha;) MuszÄ przyznaÄ, że ja również uwielbiam spaÄ! ;D If you don't understand, I can translate it! wink2
Take care! wink2
winston (2209 päivää sitten)
Aww I love your name!
Alexandrine16 (2210 päivää sitten)
I share your opinion xD biggrin
Alexandrine16 (2210 päivää sitten)
haha you're right biggrin
I will not now imagine other examples haha biggrin
Alexandrine16 (2210 päivää sitten)
haha me too ;PP
without internet is like without a hand biggrin
Alexandrine16 (2210 päivää sitten)
Also I sit at home and terribly bored. tragedy :/
Alexandrine16 (2210 päivää sitten)
very good and you? what are you doing?wink2
Lena09 (2210 päivää sitten)
haha if you want to win a camera you can register biggrin but you doint have 001_smile
thank you..001_smile
what are u doing?
Lena09 (2210 päivää sitten)
hey 001_smile
how are you ? 001_smile nice to meet you

ah can you help my friend? its a contest and she has to get many votes..
Vedlen (2212 päivää sitten)
You're right, I moved on and totally forgot to fix those things. Thanks for the reminder!
AppleTan (2216 päivää sitten)
Yep, that was it!
AppleTan (2216 päivää sitten)
Ok, thanks~
What is the link to your facebook?
Oh, and I like your new picture by the way~ biggrin
Kurt_Lee (2216 päivää sitten)
Hey long time:D

how are you?
AppleTan (2217 päivää sitten)
Hey Remus, can I add you on Facebook? ^^
courteous__ (2227 päivää sitten)
I'm not a liar Oo
sad sad
courteous__ (2227 päivää sitten)
heeey (:
how are you ?
it's been a long time we haven't talked.
I miss you sad

mariaa (2234 päivää sitten)
001_smile Only a week, only a week... haha
Are you on Facebook?
Charline.S (2234 päivää sitten)
Sure! We can do this! Here is my msn address: (e-mail hidden) (I know it's a Japanese address, but I'm actually French, not Japanese xD)
mariaa (2234 päivää sitten)
I'm soooo great! Today i start Holidays at 13.00!! YESSS!
mariaa (2234 päivää sitten)
How're you today?
Charline.S (2235 päivää sitten)
Hi there!

I'm French and I would like to learn more about Romania. The main reason is: I'm currently writing a novel and I would like one of my characters to be Romanian, but I don't know anything about this country. The second reason is that I love Romanian songs (I like the singers Andra and Elena Gheorghe).
We can be penpals if you want <3
mariaa (2236 päivää sitten)
Yo estoy bien tambien = I'm fine too
Nice to meet you!
mariaa (2236 päivää sitten)
I'm Maria, from Spain.
How're you?
Lottje (2240 päivää sitten)
Was it Njamnjam ?? 001_tongue 001_rolleyes
Lottje (2240 päivää sitten)
Whahah.... ;P
Lottje (2240 päivää sitten)
You shy ?? :O Don't make me laugh ;]
Lottje (2242 päivää sitten)
I'm not silly :O
Lottje (2242 päivää sitten)
Oowh i just deleted it biggrin For a stupid reason Mja ... But I'm back wink2
Lottje (2242 päivää sitten)
Elaba wink2 Thanks .... How are you ?? 001_smile
paulita (2243 päivää sitten)
ajajjaja problem remus? (with trollface)
paulita (2244 päivää sitten)
fffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu is part of my life already 001_smile
xxMelly (2250 päivää sitten)
(Hello, just to tell you.
With my choir, we sang the song Ederlezi[Do you know it? ], it's in Romanian right?
I don't know why. I thought of you :p Maybe because you're the only Romanian that I know. xD
Have a nice.. Evening or night xD)
courteous__ (2266 päivää sitten)
but you said you were amazing sad
courteous__ (2266 päivää sitten)
you're great ? amazing ? fantastic ?
courteous__ (2266 päivää sitten)
hi ;P

how are you ? ;P
courteous__ (2266 päivää sitten)
Remuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus (: (romulus)
xMelly (2272 päivää sitten)
Oh thanks! I was really scared I was wondering if I did something bad.. Or if I have been pirated you know..(Not parano at all wink2 )
Aww good to know biggrin
'Cause I love this site, it's really a good tool to improve the languages and meet people !
xMelly (2272 päivää sitten)
Hey Remus! I ask you cause you're a moderator.. But yesterday I had a problem with my account everytime I tried to log in it said "this account has been suspended" Do you know why.. Is this an error or something? :/
Please tell me! :)Thanks and have a good day!
xMidNightx (2280 päivää sitten)
People were asking about me? What were they asking haha 001_smile Well I have a new account now and I'm back so, I'm sure they will find me sooner or later.. The military is ok, it's not horrible or anything.. But I don't like to be in Korea so much, I can't understand them and they smell funny :| No joke!
xMidNightx (2281 päivää sitten)
hey man, yeah its me, racerx.. didn't think youd remember me.. I forgot the password to my other account.. How have you been? things are good?
banzzo (2289 päivää sitten)
actually, it's because i love the fussy "swsshh" kind of sound they make when pronounced. biggrin
and there are quite a number of dutch ppl and Germans here, or at least half-dutch and half-german.
banzzo (2289 päivää sitten)
i see... but that's really a heck lot. blink are you learning them for some kind of preaparation or only because you like them?
banzzo (2289 päivää sitten)
hey! curious here. you really speak that much language?
courteous__ (2291 päivää sitten)
when ? Oo
Ina. (2293 päivää sitten)
Ok I did it .Well , tell me what should I do now biggrin
Ina. (2293 päivää sitten)
ok biggrin check your post ;P
Ina. (2293 päivää sitten)
Wait a minute please I've lost myself here Sorry <lol>
Ina. (2293 päivää sitten)
Hi there:D thx a lot for everything ^^ you know we can try but firstly I need to say you sth: I'm not good at computers and I have got msn for a few days and I don't know still how it exactly works grr.... Please don't laugh! I just want to say that I'll try with pleasure to talk with you but this is warning if I sth break;P
Ina. (2293 päivää sitten)
Hey I've got one more question. But maybe better I'll send you an email, it can takes lots of place so check your post later please 001_smile
Ina. (2293 päivää sitten)
Szacun^^ When did you start learning languages?
Ina. (2294 päivää sitten)
Wow, how can you learn so many languages?:O And Polish too? Respect ^^
Lizzeth (2299 päivää sitten)
oo ok don't worry!
i'm fine too thank´s and have a review in my school
to monitor the level of the country and applies to all courses
Lizzeth (2300 päivää sitten)
hola remus como estas?
Babe (2300 päivää sitten)
oh thanks wink2
I`ve decided to attend school tomorrow
What`s more i`ve got b-day in summer biggrin
Babe (2300 päivää sitten)
You know,my holidays ended 2 days ago.And now i`m ill a bit.One week before holidays i wasn`t here,but i still dont miss the school 001_tongue
Also waiting for the Easter
Babe (2300 päivää sitten)
I haven`t visited school for the 3rd week biggrin
Babe (2300 päivää sitten)
What`s up? biggrin
szprotka7 (2306 päivää sitten)
CzeÅÄ jak siÄ masz? wink2
vicone (2307 päivää sitten)
be my friend
Frostypaz1 (2308 päivää sitten)
Hi Remus!
How are you?
Long time no see!
Anyway, remember that one song in romanian that you showed me?
I forgot the name of it 001_smile
Can you tell me what it is?
thanks! btw, i missed you! its been so long! bye!
courteous__ (2308 päivää sitten)
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii : )
courteous__ (2312 päivää sitten)
why not ? sad
courteous__ (2312 päivää sitten)
I'll send you a letter^^
courteous__ (2314 päivää sitten)
how do you want me to prove it ?
courteous__ (2314 päivää sitten)
I'm not lying : (
courteous__ (2315 päivää sitten)
awww, I missed you : D
courteous__ (2315 päivää sitten)
Remuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus (: <3 <3
LeXoO (2319 päivää sitten)
oh ça va hein xD
Julia_Marleen (2330 päivää sitten)
My hobby is sleeping too 001_tongue Together with lots of other things innocent
And are you shy ? ahh, that's cute laugh
Where are you going to study in Western Europe, I live somewhere there 001_tongue
And you speak a lot of languages, that's really cool wink2

Byebyee 001_smile
Babe (2339 päivää sitten)
How are you there? 001_tongue
aksha_r (2341 päivää sitten)
will u exchange letters with me?
aksha_r (2341 päivää sitten)
Hai I'm aksha Frm srilanka.My dad is in France. I'm also going to finish ma high school and go to Europe.Shall we be pen-pals.Would u like to exchange letters with me.If u want to know more about me pls check ma profile.I'm a good girl I want talk unwanted things.I have 4 pen-pals from Europe from France,Poland,Netherland,spain.Ur intersting.
Bubba (2344 päivää sitten)
whats up,would you like to be pen pals? biggrin taz wheelchair
Jelin (2354 päivää sitten)
Hi, how are you? =)
emson (2360 päivää sitten)
It's bass! 001_tongue
And yes,I can't much...because i started not long time ago ! wink2
p.v (2362 päivää sitten)
Omg. No, I'm not talking to you about this topic anymore. Awkward!! 001_smile

I just looked out my window and the blizzards still there and everything is covered in snow. -parents not going to work (that's intense!) seriously? I feel so bad for you that your silly snow isn't melting while I'm stuck in my house 001_tongue -sarcasm
p.v (2363 päivää sitten)
me that well.

btw, there's a blizzard right now. -chicago area
p.v (2363 päivää sitten)
no no, i meant that i didn't reply because i thought I already did.

haha really? i mean, i guess you've already heard about the million ways others have characterized americans..fat, lazy (so not true..for all)

and WHAT!?! are you saying that I'm that sort of girl that is easy to play with. if that's the case, mr.einstein, then you don't know
p.v (2364 päivää sitten)
So, tell me about Romania, what are you guya known for and stuff. You see, the only Romanians that I've ever met in my life was this family at this one Chinese buffet. They had the absolute most adorable baby boy ive ever seen!!!
p.v (2364 päivää sitten)
Ok, I totally thought that you just didn't want to type back. Turns out, I didn't realize that that was your reply! Lol sorry. You must have missed me today lol

Enough with the children, I don't have to worry about it until maybe a decade from now? Phewww!

p.v (2365 päivää sitten)
there are moments in time where they dont do any of those things wink2. I swear though, the minute they say, "phhhuuuooongg, I have to poop!", Ill run through the door faster than the speed of light. < not literally

And how modest of you! 001_tongue (sarcasm) and I bet you are better than einstein psssshhhhhttt!!!!!
p.v (2365 päivää sitten)
Thank you Mr. Einstein for the clarification. 001_smile It's odd how I speak it myself but know nothing about it's origin.

Haha! I guess it would be nice being the only one cause your parents can use all the money on you and stuff, and you don't have to share...blah blah blah. I dont mind babysitting, as long as the kids don't 1. Poop 2. Pee and 3. Cry
Babe (2365 päivää sitten)
Go to fb then biggrin
I`d like to send it in privat
Babe (2365 päivää sitten)
Hey,Remus 001_tongue
Whats up?
Could I ask you something?
p.v (2366 päivää sitten)
Oh, ok, i get what you're saying. well, i know english and vietnamese. those languages aren't related to anything else so i'm out of luck.

btw, i have a sister. (17) god she's a pain in the behind. 001_tongue. although i do wish i could have a younger brother. preferably fat, i love fat children, they're like teddy bears 001_tongue
p.v (2366 päivää sitten)
"without real money if you don't wanna go broke xD" Are you saying that you're better than me??!!? bring it on.

but hey, i have some questions. let's see.. do you have siblings? and why do europeans tend to know like a million languages? here, if you know 2, people will stare at you in amazement 001_tongue
p.v (2367 päivää sitten)
sometimes* fyi, it'll be my mission to beat you 001_smile
p.v (2367 päivää sitten)
Ya, it's probably all wrong. It doesn't rhyme with anything. tough one 001_tongue.

I mean, most people don't speak their mind because they're afraid of being judged. as for me, I've learned to just not care. It's way easier to be the follower than the leader...just a thought.

and how modest of you!!!! lol, (sarcasm). omg, we have to play together
p.v (2368 päivää sitten)
haha, not that hard? are you sure? i bet you're like saying it all wrong. but yes, i do agree with you. Idk, it just seems like you're not afraid to speak your mind and i like that. not everyone can be like this, unfortunately. oo, you like to play poker? me too! even though everybody beats me 001_tongue. i suck sad but it's still fun.
p.v (2370 päivää sitten)
Hey. how's it going? You know, I've seen you a lot on this site and i can tell that you are very opinionated and quite interesting 001_smile no joke! oh ya, I'm phuong btw <quite hard to pronounce but love to hear from you!
Babe (2370 päivää sitten)
Lucky 001_tongue
My next will be not soon unfortunately
But also I`m pleased with everything
Babe (2372 päivää sitten)
Well...I`m rather fine,but have to do much homework
I Want to get a little rest
School is so stressful
Babe (2372 päivää sitten)
How are you,shy boy? 001_tongue
Eun-ju (2374 päivää sitten)
oh. very cool!

I really like Korea singer .

Eun-ju (2375 päivää sitten)
I know Snoop Dogg!
"That's that" I really like that. 001_smile
What about Romania?
I wonder.
Eun-ju (2375 päivää sitten)
Umm..Korean singer 'Drunken Tiger'
and Eminem ?
I don't know a foreign side.
Like I need a song singer. ~ 001_tt1
who especially do you listen to ?
Eun-ju (2376 päivää sitten)
You likes hip-hop?
I like hip-hop!
Eun-ju (2376 päivää sitten)
Hello~! Nicee to meet you~! 001_smile
smiggens (2378 päivää sitten)
hello. i believe we just got done talking with each other lol
Takido (2378 päivää sitten)
Haha, come on, Remus !
I didn't take it personally at all ! That's the game, and there are rules. You're a good player only if you can use these rules wisely.
Takido (2378 päivää sitten)
The last time I looked at, he was 101 years old, but it doesn't matter.
Takido (2378 päivää sitten)
And well, about my age... What makes you believe that it is one the right one ?
In addition, Vedlen's profile shows that he is 101. He did not mind about my age when he was talking to me, few days ago.
Takido (2378 päivää sitten)
Ok, you're trying to delete as many fake accounts as possible. However, my account is not a fake one, and the picture I put wasn't a fake one. I chose it because I was thinking it was better than a picture of my face. So you're telling that if I put a picture which is OK with all your criterias in the mail, the others wouldn't matter ?
Allright !
Takido (2378 päivää sitten)
than a simple picture of my face would.
I'm sure that rules on PPG won't change because of this message, but that was just to make you aware of this point : you have no way to prevent fake accounts to appear and while thinking you're preventing them to appear, you limit people's picture choice.
Takido (2378 päivää sitten)
I'm ok with all these points but the reasoning is not coherent. Indeed, how could you determine if a picture is a 'fake' one or not ?
Look : I could upload a picture of a face which is not mine, which could be anyone's face and you would have no way to know.
In addition, I think that the picture I uploaded (with pastas) was representing me more
Alexandrarose (2379 päivää sitten)
I have some friends there biggrin have you got yahoo ? 001_smile
Alexandrarose (2380 päivää sitten)
Do you know where is town Onesti in Romania?biggrin
Alexandrarose (2380 päivää sitten)
i am fine too 001_smile
Alexandrarose (2381 päivää sitten)
hey how are you?biggrin
NinaNation (2388 päivää sitten)
Hey Remus,sorry i didn't see your message earlier but i was bizzy with al kinds of stuff ,i wish you al the best for 2011 ,
Nina (:
Riianne (2392 päivää sitten)
Hey Remus!

I also wish you a happy new year and all the best in 2011.


AllieO (2394 päivää sitten)
Happy New Year to you too!
juultjuhhh (2395 päivää sitten)
Haha ok 001_smile be carefull with your hands and have fun
juultjuhhh (2395 päivää sitten)
Remus! Thnx for your email, i wish you a very good and nice and healthy 2011 001_smile do have firework? X
lietta (2395 päivää sitten)
hi remus 001_tt2
NinaNation (2399 päivää sitten)
omg you did remember me! that's fine (:
NinaNation (2401 päivää sitten)
hey remsu,do you remember me?
it's a long time ago i know!
it's nina (=
klahr (2421 päivää sitten)

nice to meet you~

do you play the ice hockey>?

my brother,too. 001_smile
JoJo.Sneapes (2421 päivää sitten)
Okay , no problem wink2
kiska040807 (2421 päivää sitten)
because we didn´t write for a long time sad
JoJo.Sneapes (2422 päivää sitten)
If you can tell me his name, I would be very happy dude 001_smile !! Thanks a lot biggrin

Btw, JJ says hello to you "the pervert biatch ^^" Don't ask me, I dunno why he's calling you like tha' :p
JoJo.Sneapes (2422 päivää sitten)
Heya guy ! It's me again biggrin Xcuse me but the last time, JJ (the real ^^, cause I know him now biggrin) came at home and have sent you an email about a guy he was searching for.. A british humorist he wanted to show me on youtube.. And he said that you know his name ! This made a sketch about a bubble around his head and another with a kid into a fridge
JoJo.Sneapes (2422 päivää sitten)
Thanks dude wink2
JoJo.Sneapes (2425 päivää sitten)
Love your song !! Title please 001_smile ?
kiska040807 (2426 päivää sitten)
leerocks (2434 päivää sitten)
Hey a feel like we have not talked in awhile
willr152 (2439 päivää sitten)
Hey! Yeah same here!! School is interesting right now!!! Lots of stuff to do!! Plus I have a big Model UN conference this weekend, but have a break for half of next week!! big_smile clap biggrin
Frostypaz1 (2440 päivää sitten)
I gtg now because my school bus is coming. I REALLY DONT LIKE TAKING THE BUS!!! Well, bye!
Frostypaz1 (2440 päivää sitten)
I dont know, I think penpal gate was getting in my school stuff,001_tongue but then I figured, Who cares?biggrin so yeah. So what have you been up to? anything new? wink2
Frostypaz1 (2442 päivää sitten)
Hi remus! remember me?
willr152 (2442 päivää sitten)
Hey dude!!! Hows it going???
Babe (2448 päivää sitten)
of course,i see
i`ve wrote that cuz i was thinking about mine 001_tongue
Babe (2448 päivää sitten)
is it your brother on a pic?
i`ve got a brother too,but he`s 3,6
wantii (2450 päivää sitten)
Yeah, we need to talk with him wink2
wantii (2451 päivää sitten)
Pffffff... I thought you'll take care about that ;< So, no korea for us! 001_tongue
wantii (2452 päivää sitten)
2 months? Well, she looks little older but.. you know better 001_tongue
Anyway, how are you? Do you know we go to North Korea with Emilien?
wantii (2452 päivää sitten)
reeeeeeeemuuuuuuuuuus! flowers
Hung.Yen (2453 päivää sitten)
hmm...... well, it's better than math i guess XD
Hung.Yen (2453 päivää sitten)
i'm booooooooooooorred sad
melina_ (2454 päivää sitten)
ok biggrin
Alexandrarose (2454 päivää sitten)
I'm fine. biggrin I want holidays too.
melina_ (2454 päivää sitten)
I was fighting with my connection
I've lost it for 5 hours :/
Alexandrarose (2454 päivää sitten)
wow, cool. wink2
so how are you?
Alexandrarose (2454 päivää sitten)
siema wink2
do you speak polish?biggrin
JoJo.Sneapes (2454 päivää sitten)
xD Yaaaay ! Nop I wish it was a playboy but it's just a playstation magazine and... What the hell ? A dildo ? Nop ^^ that's the knob's sword of my lil bro' biggrin
melina_ (2454 päivää sitten)
hey Remus 001_smile
how are you ?
AllieO (2457 päivää sitten)
Haaha. Ohhhh!. (: Of course.
szprotka7 (2459 päivää sitten)
btw. It's a pity that I can't help you sad but I believe in your capabilities ;D See ya!
szprotka7 (2459 päivää sitten)
Man, I'm after school and after work! oO Therefore I'm really out of gas and I'll go to bed in several minutes xD
szprotka7 (2459 päivää sitten)
WHhich lessons are you doing? ;p maybe I can help xD when it comes to me nothing special ^^
szprotka7 (2459 päivää sitten)
hi how r u? biggrin
AllieO (2461 päivää sitten)
GASP! You are CHEATING on me?!?!?
lootus (2466 päivää sitten)
But she is similar to you. 001_cool
lootus (2466 päivää sitten)
I'm sorry she is sweet biggrin
lootus (2466 päivää sitten)
Who is at the photo? Your brother?
He is sweet. biggrin
AllieO (2467 päivää sitten)
Wrong hand, silly. Lol
lootus (2471 päivää sitten)
I'm reading books and learning English. ;D
lootus (2479 päivää sitten)
Hi! How are you? biggrin
rudydemi (2480 päivää sitten)
Please shut up now, don't talk to me anymore...
rudydemi (2480 päivää sitten)
You really have decided to piss me off...
rudydemi (2481 päivää sitten)
Mais je t'emmerde, je parle français si j'en ai envie.
rudydemi (2481 päivää sitten)
T'es quand même un sacré batard toi !
LucyLovesYouu (2483 päivää sitten)
I'm sorrry. I passed out for like 4 hours.
AllieO (2485 päivää sitten)
NOOO! You never GAVE one to me!
AllieO (2486 päivää sitten)
It doesn't work sad
AllieO (2486 päivää sitten)
You never gave it too me!
AllieO (2487 päivää sitten)
How do you put the pictures in your note?

Thanks My Loveeee!
You have not shown my my ring yetttt! wink2
LucyLovesYouu (2487 päivää sitten)
WTF?! another missed hr. grrr.
lietta (2492 päivää sitten)
hello remus clover
mia. (2492 päivää sitten)
how are you remus (romulus) ? 001_tongue
mia. (2492 päivää sitten)
aaa ghost : P
AllieO (2497 päivää sitten)
AllieO (2498 päivää sitten)
Ring. wink2
AllieO (2498 päivää sitten)
Ummmm ring! wink2
Mia's my girl but I love jewelry, Hahaa. Jkjk
LucyLovesYouu (2498 päivää sitten)
Missed ya by an hr. Darn me):
AllieO (2500 päivää sitten)
AllieO (2500 päivää sitten)
Thankkk you!
I'm at Salisbury now. wink2
Talk to you later!
AllieO (2503 päivää sitten)
How do you make a signature on the forum thing? (:
Hung.Yen (2504 päivää sitten)
sorry, i lost my connection then.
man i was just getting in to the hole!!
Hung.Yen (2505 päivää sitten)
yeah, mine is (e-mail hidden)
Hung.Yen (2505 päivää sitten)

i thought you're offline :O
Hung.Yen (2505 päivää sitten)
gotcha wink2 thanks
Hung.Yen (2505 päivää sitten)
Hmmm, i thought no one speak Latin now. I mean, it's not normally used, is it?

Hung.Yen (2511 päivää sitten)
sure the -.- face ...
but you're still on holidays, aren't you? others are already back to school -..-

Hmm... hard to imagine.there's nothing except for water beside taiwan xD
Then how about Latin biggrin ?
AllieO (2512 päivää sitten)
Lol. Its still a cool shot.
VaLDeZ (2512 päivää sitten)
Hi! I'm Valdez))
may can i help you improve Russian wink2?

How life in Eastern Europe?
Babe (2512 päivää sitten)
Im fine^^
Oh good boy=D
Then tell me,if u won`t find xD
Babe (2513 päivää sitten)
Hye,Remus =D
How`re u?
OMG!Seryoga!I can help u with the transtation if u ever need xD
mia. (2514 päivää sitten)
a bit ?

i'm 5'5" blushing
mia. (2514 päivää sitten)
you call that not that tall ? o.O
Hung.Yen (2514 päivää sitten)
hmmm schoolwork is tough :/ but i'll try to handle it :/

i find they're 98% the same biggrin Also, i noticed you can speak Moldovan?
Hung.Yen (2516 päivää sitten)
Heyhey, how are you these days biggrin ? still poker everyday 001_tongue ?

I have a question to ask blushing
Is the flag of Chad, republic same as Romania's? i found them sooooooo alike on my map o.O (perhaps the different blue? they seems almost the same o.O )
Minnie (2518 päivää sitten)
Hey) Sure) Catch IT'S..
RAP: ÐногоÑоÑие (all songs), Guf,25/17, Ak-47, Centr, ÐаÑÑа ака Ðоггано, 63 Ñегион - дÑама, ÐаÑÑа, KRAVZ,Loc Dog,
Sticks - ÐÐ¾Ñ Ð´ÐµÐ²ÑÑка не кÑÑиÑ,
Supreme playaz - Ðак мало оÑÑалоÑÑ .. If I remember I write else)
House: DJ Smash, Tony Igy - Astronomia, DJ Lemah, Dj LIST, Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso-togather, Kazantip!!
LucyLovesYouu (2518 päivää sitten)
Hey get your skinny ass back from sleeping or poker and whatever and talk to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Please and Thank you.
JowJou (2518 päivää sitten)
For sure nigga wink2
Romee (2519 päivää sitten)
Hahah sounds good. Sweet dreams wink2
Romee (2519 päivää sitten)
Haha exactly! They look delicious.
I'm good! Enjoyed my weekend. What about you? 001_rolleyes
JowJou (2520 päivää sitten)
Not that ? xD
leerocks (2520 päivää sitten)
leerocks (2520 päivää sitten)
can we be msn friends
JowJou (2520 päivää sitten)
Lordul Cap-de-Mort !!! Yeah I forget that you were romanian xD
So in English it's Voldemort biggrin
And yeah.. Harry Potter suck magic dicks :p
JowJou (2520 päivää sitten)
Thanks dude biggrin Now, I'm a lil bit intelligent :p
Voldemort.. Really ? You don't know ? Harry Potter !
JowJou (2522 päivää sitten)
Black Magic ? Like Voldemort ? biggrin
Vedlen (2523 päivää sitten)
Nice drawing you did there. Indeed there seems to be some kind of problem. Ugh I feel like there are so many things to change.. I'll look into that when I have more time though. Thanks
JowJou (2523 päivää sitten)
Yo dude !
How did you do to paste a vid into your profil description ?


JJ. wink2
baboha (2524 päivää sitten)
In Korea, it has rained on and off.
weather is strange!
baboha (2524 päivää sitten)
me too, im good
but It is too hot here these days.
um....I hate to go out
baboha (2524 päivää sitten)
hey nice to meet u (;
how r u?
kiska040807 (2525 päivää sitten)

are u still alive ? :-O I miss you sad
kyeongmin (2530 päivää sitten)
Hello? Do you want to be my friend?
~ My name is Kyung Min^^
AllieO (2530 päivää sitten)
Ohhhh. Gotchaa.
Frostypaz (2530 päivää sitten)
where in the U.S would you go? all the states are crap. wacko wacko
AllieO (2530 päivää sitten)
Nothingg. You just told me you didn't want to come here. Lol
AllieO (2530 päivää sitten)
I see you want to visit the USA!!! Ahahaaa.
Hung.Yen (2532 päivää sitten)
I love your music down there!

the only word i understantd is "Romania" 001_tongue ? is that sung in French :O? or Romania 001_tongue ? ((sorry i fail on languages TAT
Plume-de-Serpent (2532 päivää sitten)
Hm... Sorry to disappoint you but ... I don't have any pretext for you 001_smile
Plume-de-Serpent (2532 päivää sitten)
Absolutely nothing.
Do I need any pretext to yell your name ?
Plume-de-Serpent (2532 päivää sitten)
wantii (2533 päivää sitten)
of course she's mine rolleyes
AllieO (2534 päivää sitten)
Plume-de-Serpent (2534 päivää sitten)
1/ You already know some basics.
2/ I can help you to learn.
3/ English people are nice... But not as nice as french ones. 001_tongue
4/ Our food is much more better than english one wink2

But, you're free to choose. xD
Frostypaz (2534 päivää sitten)
You can if you are magical or somethin! like.. if you... and you.. oh what the heck nvm....
Plume-de-Serpent (2534 päivää sitten)
Hm... I don't think that USA are in "western Europe" xD

Well, France would be your better choice. (my humble opinion... 001_tongue )
Frostypaz (2534 päivää sitten)
oh gosh nvm. i just started learning Romanian yesterday... my mom has a friend who speaks romaninan, she said i learned fast. guess she was lieing! lol. yes, i usualy write a lot of comments. dots dots
Plume-de-Serpent (2534 päivää sitten)
"I plan to study abroad (western Europe) after i finish my high-school here."

Where exactly ? 001_smile

Frostypaz (2535 päivää sitten)
Loc de semnÄturÄ? De ce nu pune doar "dracu cu o semnÄturÄ!" lol
Frostypaz (2536 päivää sitten)
hii turned
kiska040807 (2536 päivää sitten)
heyyyy 001_smile 001_tongue
LucyLovesYouu (2537 päivää sitten)
I get on, just for you, and your not even here?): Shameee.
lootus (2537 päivää sitten)
I think the same as you. biggrin
AllieO (2537 päivää sitten)
Okay. Lol
AllieO (2537 päivää sitten)
Ohhh okayy.
lootus (2538 päivää sitten)
OO!! Dragoste de inchiriat!! I love this song! biggrin biggrin
Ankhura (2538 päivää sitten)
I finally passed out for the night D:
AllieO (2538 päivää sitten)
Anddd what happened??
AllieO (2538 päivää sitten)
I do, I do. (:
Hey, where has, what's her name???
Oh Lucy right? been? Didn't you two talk all the time?
AllieO (2538 päivää sitten)
Hahaa. (:
kiska040807 (2538 päivää sitten)
remusssssssssssssss 001_smile
Hung.Yen (2539 päivää sitten)
i don't know... it will be great i think 001_smile
Hung.Yen (2539 päivää sitten)
aha, thanks rolleyes

so you're going to study in... France?
AllieO (2539 päivää sitten)
As always. (:
What would you do without me?? wink2
Atlas02 (2539 päivää sitten)
Hi Remus!
I'm Atlas.. the one of the chat!
You're very nice!
Add me on msn
(e-mail hidden)
I'd like to speak english with u! (:
Vedlen (2540 päivää sitten)

I changed the main language associated to Belgium. Thanks for your message.
AllieO (2542 päivää sitten)
Hahaa. Negative.
AllieO (2542 päivää sitten)
Middle left.

Perkies. Hahaa.
JouJow is....lopsiders. Lol
kiska040807 (2542 päivää sitten)
but .....????
AllieO (2542 päivää sitten)
Asshole. Lol
Its for you!
lietta (2542 päivää sitten)
you is very sympa punk
AllieO (2543 päivää sitten)

AllieO (2543 päivää sitten)
Hahaa, whateverrr
Plume-de-Serpent (2543 päivää sitten)
Ok. I just wanted to know. 001_tongue
Btw, I accepted yours. wink2
Plume-de-Serpent (2543 päivää sitten)
will *
Plume-de-Serpent (2543 päivää sitten)
What we'll you do if I send u frend request? 001_smile
AllieO (2543 päivää sitten)
Lol. Awww!
Hung.Yen (2544 päivää sitten)
perhaps you should say "cruel boy" wink2 001_tongue
Hung.Yen (2545 päivää sitten)
ah, no ways XD
i'm not cruel at all you liar 001_tongue
Hung.Yen (2545 päivää sitten)
001_huh you know what i'm talking about?
i mean the comment "This picture what happened ??
Why like that??
Where I??
You are Cruel. no "

Hung.Yen (2546 päivää sitten)
ha, see what i got on my page XD
SilverP (2546 päivää sitten)
probably it is;) probably in Europe. Poles love INNA
SilverP (2546 päivää sitten)
probably it is;) probably in Europe. Poles love INNA.
SilverP (2546 päivää sitten)
INNA song! I love it and 10 minutes: D 001_smile
LucyLovesYouu (2546 päivää sitten)
Fineee than, don't get on the chat ):
JowJou (2546 päivää sitten)
Hahahahaaaaa !!!! Look at AllieO's profil and read her second sentence in her description xD Memories !! Think about ya when I saw that xD
leerocks (2547 päivää sitten)
very nice
leerocks (2547 päivää sitten)
cool why so amazing
leerocks (2547 päivää sitten)
how are you ?
leerocks (2547 päivää sitten)
JowJou (2547 päivää sitten)
Bitch's Song ? xD
Hahaha Love It !

Just let me know
Why you're lookin' like that
You're driving me crazy
You're lookin' amazïng

B.I.A.T.C.H !! biggrin
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
Same for me, about german 001_tongue
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
I understand... Anyway, I think french is a difficult language to learn. Many french make so many mistakes! biggrin
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
So, is french easy or difficult to learn? 001_tongue
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
Hehe, I remember something 001_tongue
I think I saw you speaking in French, one day in that chat-box. Do you learn it at school? 001_smile
JowJou (2549 päivää sitten)
Ha Ha xD ! You wanker xD
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
Yes, that could be a solution 001_tongue
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
You are totally right! xD
Hm... I'm too lazy to change it today. I'll think about it, and change it when I'll have a (good?) idea. 001_smile
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
Definitely, your note is one of the funniest one I saw on PG. wink2
Hm... That reminds me that I have to change mine... I can't support it any more! xD
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
You're right.
Hm, your note at right is totally funny! 001_smile I just love it! ^^
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
Ok. Is "deja" Romanian ? 'Cause we use it in french too. 001_smile
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
A question : what does "MÄ cunoaÈteÈi deja ..." mean ? 001_smile
(OMG, I'm too much curious!)
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
You use two computers... That's a little bit scary ! lol 001_tongue
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
I will make you less shy... wink2
Hm, I just noticed, I'm talking with a moderator. Should I be afraid ? 001_tongue
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
You don't look shy! 001_tongue
Hm... Okay, being shy on internet doesn't have any sense I think. ^^
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
Even if it's raining, cloudy, and cold, I'll go. Just to be with friends and have fun... and maybe a cold too! ^^
I don't like crowded places at all... :/
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
I will... I'm going to the beach on monday wink2
sysg0 (2549 päivää sitten)
how r u?
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
Good luck, then! wink2
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
Yes, I think so too. 001_smile
Anyway, the pool was in the hotel, I'm back home now... No more pool now!... crying
Plume-de-Serpent (2549 päivää sitten)
Don't be jealous, the water was so cold ! 001_tt2
JowJou (2549 päivää sitten)
And found it ? xD
JowJou (2549 päivää sitten)
Liar ? Me ? Nooooo... biggrin
leerocks (2550 päivää sitten)
how are you?
leerocks (2550 päivää sitten)
AllieO (2550 päivää sitten)
Lol. Yes!!
You have two computers!!! Hahaa.
AllieO (2550 päivää sitten)
Hahaa. Spoiled! wink2
Hung.Yen (2550 päivää sitten)
i like you new pics xD
do you made those delicious food? they looks great!
courteous__ (2551 päivää sitten)
come to chat : )
courteous__ (2551 päivää sitten)
Remus 001_smile
JowJou (2553 päivää sitten)
Read my description wink2
JowJou (2553 päivää sitten)
**** I'm Out Dude !!!
Hung.Yen (2553 päivää sitten)
a clue??
okay, hm... i'll say you're a real master ... really :O
Hung.Yen (2553 päivää sitten)
ha! i really want to tell the answer 001_tongue biggrin . but i would like to hear yours first biggrin ...if you have one biggrin
Livi (2554 päivää sitten)
leerocks (2554 päivää sitten)
how are you ?
leerocks (2554 päivää sitten)
Lauren123 (2554 päivää sitten)
>:] You Weren't hateddd.
And why do you always say Hey as if we've never talkedd O.o xD
Lauren123 (2554 päivää sitten)
You Lefftttt *sob*sob*
lootus (2554 päivää sitten)
Yes, I like romanian music. biggrin
And you, what music you listen? biggrin
LucyLovesYouu (2555 päivää sitten)
Babyyy, wake up soon!! There's a party in the Chat!!!
kiska040807 (2555 päivää sitten)
tomorrow is too long biggrin I will come after I went swimming biggrin sooo ..this evening I think 001_tongue
kiska040807 (2555 päivää sitten)
biggrin I will show it when we will see us 001_tongue muahaha
kiska040807 (2555 päivää sitten)
no you haven´t got another choice 001_tongue muahahah biggrin
JowJou (2556 päivää sitten)
JowJou (2556 päivää sitten)
Hahaha... Yeah I'm a little prick ! Scared about ya xD
Stop here for this evening :p

PS: Your song stay in my head now -_-'
JowJou (2556 päivää sitten)
Oulà Monsieur s'énerve, il ne met pas de smiley dans sa phrase c'est que.. Oui il est énervé =D Ha ouais tu veux parler français c'est ça ? Je t'attends mon petit :p Désolé le roumain je connais pas donc.. Et sinon tu connais d'autre insultes ?
JowJou (2556 päivää sitten)
Oh sorry this sentence was for.. you mum ! Asshole biggrin
JowJou (2556 päivää sitten)
What's a funny friendship... :p
Kick your face (stop smiling, I'm not talking about your ass Remus biggrin)
JowJou (2556 päivää sitten)
Hmmmmm... Love everybody except you ! Fxcking Romanian Pussy ! biggrinbiggrinbiggrin

Ohhh.. And nice to meet you xD
JowJou (2556 päivää sitten)
Ha Ha Ha ! I can't cause I love this place and people who are living in biggrin !!!! AMAZIIIIIIIING !!!!


JowJou (2556 päivää sitten)
Stars from the Hell... Love them
JowJou (2556 päivää sitten)
HaHaHa !!! Fail of the stars ********* ! =D
JowJou (2556 päivää sitten)
Found a fail on your chat ! You twat biggrinbiggrin
courteous__ (2556 päivää sitten)
i was bored bro 001_tongue
olive (2557 päivää sitten)
lol nah I love your song
LucyLovesYouu (2558 päivää sitten)
hey babe, countin down the minutes intill u r on(:
kiska040807 (2558 päivää sitten)
you left me alone sad I hope I will survive sad
oghash (2558 päivää sitten)
no, I work all shifts!
Meenny (2558 päivää sitten)
late form here 4 hr. 001_smile
Meenny (2558 päivää sitten)
I don't plan 001_tongue
nothing much
what's time there ?
Meenny (2558 päivää sitten)
where did you go in 2 month ? 001_smile
Meenny (2558 päivää sitten)
I'm on vacation .
I'm at home too I don't know where I wanna go 001_smile
how long your holiday ?
X_xt1na (2558 päivää sitten)
Hm dur:-s
nu prea imi place sa folosesc chattul.
Eu anul trecut am primit ceva oferte ciudate din afrika:))una vroia sa se casatoreasca cu mine..era total ciudat..
Meenny (2558 päivää sitten)
I'm ok.
are you on holiday?
Meenny (2558 päivää sitten)
hi ,how are you ?
X_xt1na (2558 päivää sitten)
da am patit si eu cu africani:-s
u ce experienta ai?
X_xt1na (2558 päivää sitten)
mersi mult
habar n-aveam:))
Hung.Yen (2558 päivää sitten)
k, got it wink2
Hung.Yen (2558 päivää sitten)
wait wait... i made a mistake..
the lion is emblem of Prague, not Czech 001_tongue (it that same...?)
sorry 001_tongue
Hung.Yen (2559 päivää sitten)
czech is nice biggrinbiggrin
Hung.Yen (2559 päivää sitten)
moi aussi blink blink blink
Hung.Yen (2559 päivää sitten)
where's my "001_tt2" ???
Hung.Yen (2559 päivää sitten)

let me think ... hmm... taz taz
yeah, this year. but i think i didn't know you :O's confused.. yeah.. i'm sure i didn't know you 001_tt2
Hung.Yen (2559 päivää sitten)
i didn't know you then lol
Hung.Yen (2559 päivää sitten)
yeah, i've been there in june this year.
Hung.Yen (2559 päivää sitten)
it does have a crown :O
very small one 001_tongue
Hung.Yen (2559 päivää sitten)

i didn't notice they are so aike until you asked : P
Hung.Yen (2559 päivää sitten)
peugeot ? idk 0.0
our tour guide said the lion is the emblem of czech :O
the key ring is a souvenir from czech 001_smile
X_xt1na (2559 päivää sitten)
mersi:D imi poti explica ce este snailmailu?001_smile)
X_xt1na (2559 päivää sitten)
da biggrin am cont si acolo dar nu prea primesc mesaje de acolo:-s
X_xt1na (2559 päivää sitten)
chiar imi place ft mult poza aia:D

de cand folosesti penpal-gate?
roses13 (2559 päivää sitten)
Haven't heard this song in forever! LOL
X_xt1na (2559 päivää sitten)
Imi place poza cu umbrela.
bn de stiut k mai sunt si romani aici:D
julez (2560 päivää sitten)
you song who is it???
olive (2560 päivää sitten)
biggrin lolz @ the song. Love me? love me? won't you say that you love me?
makaay (2560 päivää sitten)
its a very truee quote ~
makaay (2560 päivää sitten)
ahha its okaay my ipod is made of oldies ! but good taste
makaay (2560 päivää sitten)
i like your song on your page whaat is it!?!(:
Vedlen (2560 päivää sitten)
Yes I fixed something a few weeks ago but apparently it brought another error for visitors using very outdated browsers. I'll look into it anyway, thank you
Hung.Yen (2561 päivää sitten)
i'm jealous of your 7th sense. seems like the 6th sense is not enough XD i need the 8th sense 001_tongue

i would have to guess three times or more if i were you TAT
good job hammer hammer hammer
Hung.Yen (2561 päivää sitten)
okay... nice 7th sence..
i hope i can have one, too =)
Hung.Yen (2561 päivää sitten)
the faces are smalllllll...!
i couldn't belive my eyes when seeing your comment XDD
how can you tell which one i am if that's not luck biggrin ?
Hung.Yen (2561 päivää sitten)
i'm gonna cry .... blink eek wheelchair (i can't find a face more shock XD)

this is a difficult one! how can you get it right -..-
you're lucky~~ hammer hammer hammer
Hung.Yen (2561 päivää sitten)
no, that's too easy for you 001_smile even i can guess where i am XD

uh... you can try the eighth wink2
if you want to 001_tongue
kiska040807 (2561 päivää sitten)
privet 001_smile kak delo? :-) mne horoscho biggrin tscho delaesch ? mne nitschewou biggrin

LucyLovesYouu (2563 päivää sitten)
hey baby, sweet dreams. i love you<3
bienokis (2563 päivää sitten)
j'espère toi et moi nous serons de bon amis
bienokis (2563 päivää sitten)
merci pour m'avoir bien acqueir
lexi3210 (2564 päivää sitten)
its morning and im up
lexi3210 (2564 päivää sitten)
hey punk
winston (2564 päivää sitten)
haha, thanks biggrin
Vedlen (2565 päivää sitten)

Thanks for the report. I've been totally swamped but I'll try and get things done in the next few weeks though.

PS: congrats on gaining 2 years of age at once!
Hung.Yen (2566 päivää sitten)
yeah yeah yeah, you say so 001_rolleyes 001_rolleyes

haha well,,, hmm ,, okay,,whatever,, i'll admit that stuart 001_tongue
DTD (2566 päivää sitten)
haha ok i'm happy for you. =) want to be friends? =) xx
cheeraddy (2566 päivää sitten)
hmmm.........wahtever you say remus
cheeraddy (2566 päivää sitten)
sad why does it seem like you REALLY don't like me? sad
DTD (2566 päivää sitten)
hey how are you? is your lip oke? and your ear? haha what a strange story! want to be friends? later! xx
Hung.Yen (2567 päivää sitten)
you're GENIUS !! eek eek eek eek
I thought no one would know the answer!!!!

thumbup1 thumbup1
Hung.Yen (2567 päivää sitten)
omg, do you mean the girl in the very left side and no head? wheelchair 001_rolleyes laugh blink taz smile
cheeraddy (2567 päivää sitten)
No, she told me to look at her pictures and I saw your comments
cheeraddy (2567 päivää sitten)
I ⥠your comments on LucyLovesYouu's pictures. Hahahahaha.
kiska040807 (2567 päivää sitten)
what bad them !!!
tomottow I will be online longer and if obis FC is there we will rip them !

kiska040807 (2568 päivää sitten)
what happened ????????? :-O
Hung.Yen (2568 päivää sitten)
absolutely wrong taz hammer scooter 001_rolleyes
kiska040807 (2568 päivää sitten)
remus ?????? I won :-P
emson (2569 päivää sitten)
The same for you from my side wink2) ;P
emson (2569 päivää sitten)
Ahh...the same as should try! tell me i'm succesfull in it,and you'll be nice,i'll be happy 001_tongue
emson (2569 päivää sitten)
ha,look on yours wink2)
greets! 001_tongue "i'm trying to be nice" biggrin
Hung.Yen (2570 päivää sitten)
lol it's no big 001_smile
almost everyone did biggrin
Hung.Yen (2572 päivää sitten)
you're welcome 001_cool
i like that glasses 001_tongue
Obis90 (2572 päivää sitten)
only 2, I DL chrome and come back
Miikka (2573 päivää sitten)
I wont... i wont biggrinD
Moon-Sky (2573 päivää sitten)
Hehe thanks again! Sweet of you! biggrin
gondalisa90 (2574 päivää sitten)
i think u did this before(leaving my comment in chat room)
sorry i can't talk to you anymore because you are still a child wink2
gondalisa90 (2574 päivää sitten)
excuse me?
what are you talking about mr the man?
who talk to you?
LucyLovesYouu (2574 päivää sitten)
LucyLovesYouu (2574 päivää sitten)
LucyLovesYouu (2574 päivää sitten)
risha (2576 päivää sitten)
i guess i am! lol! wanna be friends???? smile
risha (2576 päivää sitten)
haha! nice excuse! i use that one all the time! wink2
risha (2576 päivää sitten)
risha (2576 päivää sitten)
if you dont care why did you bring it!
risha (2576 päivää sitten)
Ahahaha! maybe he is! i dont know! who can really tell these days! wink2
risha (2576 päivää sitten)
Hello! nice to meet you!!!! i like your profile song!!!! 001_smile
2514 (2577 päivää sitten)
my name is meet eum
what your name?
ciro (2578 päivää sitten)
i sent u an email. hope you got it...hey do you have a facebook?
LucyLovesYouu (2584 päivää sitten)
hey, go on chat, we need to talk.p
JaLjubljuRobota (2584 päivää sitten)
ehm..maybe its better if i dont answer..
JaLjubljuRobota (2584 päivää sitten)
i Will SIr.... U_U u must pay more for the favour!
LucyLovesYouu (2589 päivää sitten)
missed u by a fricken hour...
gondalisa90 (2592 päivää sitten)
thnx for carying boy but sorry i'm not your black brother who is in your picture wink2 shaun
gondalisa90 (2592 päivää sitten)
thanks for everything!
but u r exactly coward wink2
and u know this sure!
coward, Coward , coward
chicken, chicken :p
child too thumbdown thumbdown thumbdown thumbdown
LucyLovesYouu (2593 päivää sitten)
only cause u didnt wanna talk to me. so i left.
LucyLovesYouu (2594 päivää sitten)
hey love,

im sorry i cantt get on today minus these five mins i got for my break. got called in and dont get out till 6. then i have lacrosse. ssoo...yeah, i love you..(;
LucyLovesYouu (2595 päivää sitten)
Nice picturre down below. Hahaha...and i translated what you said...lovee it! I'll see if i can go on MSN but i forgot my you!
olive (2596 päivää sitten)
love the picture btw lmao
olive (2596 päivää sitten)
haha hey i'm good how are you?
LucyLovesYouu (2598 päivää sitten)
sounds like a plann (:
LucyLovesYouu (2598 päivää sitten)
what am i gonna do with youu?
LucyLovesYouu (2598 päivää sitten)
lmao. glad you enjoyed it (:
olive (2599 päivää sitten)
Lol Love the song and did you get cuter? haha jk (nice dog 001_tongue)
LucyLovesYouu (2599 päivää sitten)
Okey dokeey, sweetheart. your wish is my command (;
Aniaaa (2600 päivää sitten)
fine , thank wink2.
how r u ? biggrin
LucyLovesYouu (2601 päivää sitten)
i have NOT dumped you! i LOVE you. im on my fone right now so sorry i left, it seems like i forgot to charge it...oops?

anyway, im sorry, miss u already,love<3

JaLjubljuRobota (2605 päivää sitten)
You are so B a s t a r d MUAHAHAHAH
LucyLovesYouu (2607 päivää sitten)
Right behind you silly:P
LucyLovesYouu (2608 päivää sitten)
Miss you, hunn! <3
LucyLovesYouu (2609 päivää sitten)
you'd be a good creeper one day.
Paulka518Pola (2610 päivää sitten)
That's right.
better than that.
Wstwa just a normal picture.
I did not mean to offend you
Paulka518Pola (2610 päivää sitten)
Excuse me, I wanted to be honest.
Paulka518Pola (2610 päivää sitten)
This picture is pathetic;/sorry
This is True
McKenna (2613 päivää sitten)
hahaa thank you:P ahhh its 6:14am!!!!! blahhh hahah biggrin
McKenna (2614 päivää sitten)
hhaha good morning for when ever u get this remus 001_tongue haha
McKenna (2614 päivää sitten)
hahaha i just woke up and its 5:17am here and im freaking tierd. u should go in the chat thingy biggrin
McKenna (2614 päivää sitten)
McKenna (2616 päivää sitten)
yes just to lazy biggrin
LucyLovesYouu (2616 päivää sitten)
You aren't on chat...strange.
McKenna (2617 päivää sitten)
i dont know lol 001_smile
McKenna (2617 päivää sitten)
hahah i wish i could do that:) u lucky ducklen!!! biggrin
LucyLovesYouu (2618 päivää sitten)
Hey, didn't mean to give you a fright! I had a lacrosse tournament and I didn't throw up ince! (: but we lost and i wouldnt mind throwing up on a certain blonde player on the other team ;P hope yer well, sweetie! <3
McKenna (2618 päivää sitten)
Im good:) i've missed talking to u. how have u been??? 001_smile
LucyLovesYouu (2621 päivää sitten)
sure sure. thanks for asking,love.
LucyLovesYouu (2621 päivää sitten)
Nice song, sweetie! lol (:
McKenna (2621 päivää sitten)
how are you??? 001_smile i havent talked to you in a few days 001_smile do you have yahoo messanger???
McKenna (2621 päivää sitten)
Hey Remus 001_smile
Vedlen (2622 päivää sitten)

What you reported is not a bug. Why your own profile doesn't appear in the list is due to the fact you're not going to interact with yourself, are you? Therefore it's been removed 001_smile. However other members do see you.
LucyLovesYouu (2622 päivää sitten)
REMUS! I miss you, hope all is well. (:
Pimp Flag Buddies! <3(:
lootus (2624 päivää sitten)
Hi! How are you? Do you have Facebook? ;D
McKenna (2625 päivää sitten)
Hahaha exactly i can not understand it biggrin
Vladimir_Makarov (2625 päivää sitten)
you are awesome
McKenna (2625 päivää sitten)
hahah thank you:) and you too:)
LucyLovesYouu (2626 päivää sitten)
you're crazy if you thinnk that! (;
LucyLovesYouu (2627 päivää sitten)
miss you more (; <3
smil_ey (2628 päivää sitten)
Aniaaa (2628 päivää sitten)
Aniaaa (2628 päivää sitten)
I've gotta go.See u
Aniaaa (2628 päivää sitten)
What are u doing ?
Aniaaa (2628 päivää sitten)
I'm almost professional xD
And u ? u play basketball ? 001_smile
I have a brother . He's 18 .
Aniaaa (2628 päivää sitten)
Oh , sorry I didn't notice that you wrote that you have a sister xD
Aniaaa (2628 päivää sitten)
good... nothing special ... school , volleyball , violin lesson and home xD
And many tests of course . How are u today ? Have you any brothers or sisters ;D
LucyLovesYouu (2629 päivää sitten)
I know youu doo! "I have a sister named Lucy and she lives in the United States" Yepp...i translated it. lol (: See ya soon sweetieee.
Aniaaa (2629 päivää sitten)
oh , yes xD
How are u ? 001_smile
xRacerX972 (2630 päivää sitten)
Hey, I'm sending this message to everyone on my friends list.. I'm asking everyone to read my profile update, it's important.. Anyways, have a good day and thanks for being a good friend!
LucyLovesYouu (2630 päivää sitten)
Okay, sorry it's like wicked early for you but I had to tell you, i'd totally forget tomorrow if I dont. okay i searched Lucy under keywords on this site and guess who's Username popped up first? You. Yup, you search Lucy and you're the first name that pops up..I dunno why. Okay, I'm good. Night/Morning Brother <3(:
Aniaaa (2630 päivää sitten)
Dobrze Ci idzie wink2
Ja mam siÄ nawet dobrze a Ty ? ;D
Aniaaa (2630 päivää sitten)
Hej wink2
Co tam u Ciebie ? 001_smile
Kasiaka (2636 päivää sitten)
Nie:) Niestety to tylko fotomontaż, ale kto wie co przyniesie przyszÅoÅÄ001_smile haha
kola (2636 päivää sitten)
jak na razie zrobiÅeÅ tylko jeden bÅad.
nie jest źle wink2
kola (2636 päivää sitten)
tak bardzo wink2
widzÄ, że znasz wiele jÄzyków wink2
yoo-nouchs (2637 päivää sitten)
Who want to be my friend?...
LucyLovesYouu (2639 päivää sitten)
im sorryy!! i broke the computer cause i dropped to you soon.
Love you brotherr (:
LucyLovesYouu (2639 päivää sitten)
like everytime i go on to your profile it changes soooo much. nice music.
Blanche (2640 päivää sitten)
NickCheng (2640 päivää sitten)
you speak chinese fluently:D

how long have you been learning it?

i am so curious about how a foreigner speak such a good chinese
Thirt13een (2641 päivää sitten)
hey. have you received my letter?

i am sure you have seen it.

so what's your answer.

i am very friendly to you(you know)!

write me soon!
oghash (2642 päivää sitten)
I work in the gaming industry 001_smile
LucyLovesYouu (2642 päivää sitten)
Do you change your music often?
BrittSoAwesome (2644 päivää sitten)
Almost not quite. Are you a brilliant b-ball player?
BrittSoAwesome (2645 päivää sitten)
True true thaaat but I wanna be a brilliant player
BrittSoAwesome (2646 päivää sitten)
Chyeaah I know handball. kids play it all the time after school.
I stopped playing soccer two years ago. Because I wasn't perfect.
BrittSoAwesome (2647 päivää sitten)
Handball lmao. I don't get itt.
Do you even like play a bit of football?
BrittSoAwesome (2647 päivää sitten)
So what only football and basketballl is popular ?
BrittSoAwesome (2647 päivää sitten)
I say y'all loook into tht it's fuuun.
And we tied 10-10
LeXoO (2648 päivää sitten)
Haha, im still lazy too ! ^^
and looking forward to being on holiday biggrin (4 months if i pass my exams - NICE)
LeXoO (2648 päivää sitten)
Well im fine, except my final exams start on Monday :s
what about u ?
BrittSoAwesome (2648 päivää sitten)
Is there lacrosse in Romania
BrittSoAwesome (2648 päivää sitten)
Thank you. I'm nervouse but in a sporty mood
BrittSoAwesome (2648 päivää sitten)
So is my lacrosse teaam .
I have a game today afterr schoool O.O
I hope we win
BrittSoAwesome (2649 päivää sitten)
How's basketball going ?
I've been goood . Tired Though.
I've been playing sports and school.
BrittSoAwesome (2649 päivää sitten)
I see sorrry bout that (:
Was the trip for school or something ?
BrittSoAwesome (2649 päivää sitten)
Awww how come? What happened ?
Realllly ! Where did you go?
BrittSoAwesome (2649 päivää sitten)
Glaaad to hear. how wass your day
BrittSoAwesome (2649 päivää sitten)
Heeeey it's going goood kiidd how about you?
coco159 (2651 päivää sitten)
coco159 (2651 päivää sitten)
You're a goof moderator!
=) 001_tongue lol1 clap
Abdiej (2658 päivää sitten)
It's good to be tolerant but I did this for the french people and if you disagree maybe I understand you good music on your profile I think where does he rap about:P
Abdiej (2658 päivää sitten)
why do you did that if you want talk with me english say that but I will talk dutch till the french people stop;)
Avryluvsuju (2680 päivää sitten)
HI. I love this song. What is the name of this song and what are some like it?
Moon-Sky (2687 päivää sitten)
Just guesst you did, because you didn't ask if I'm dead or alive! lol
Moon-Sky (2695 päivää sitten)
Hey Remus,
You totally forgot me sad evil!
How are you doing with this life ? =)
Abhishek (2699 päivää sitten)
hi how are you i am abhishek can we be friends
KevinAzrale (2721 päivää sitten)
I play Basketball too most time 001_smile.Usually i play Basketball,soccer and skateboard yes .
Im not a photographer either but try to capture few moments 001_tongue .
Dude,do u know hip hop just into it punk
KevinAzrale (2724 päivää sitten)
Thanks bro.You have awesome pics as well cool2 and so many eek. Thanks for ur comments dude biggrin .Appreciate it. biggrin .So are u a photographer huh .
EMOtive96 (2730 päivää sitten)
oo thank you so much! biggrinbiggrin
my e-mail adress: (e-mail hidden)
you are the best! xD ;*
Agu (2730 päivää sitten)
lol, nope. Why?
Agu (2730 päivää sitten)
Have you heard this ? This crapy song was playing over and over like a year ago. I hate polish music.
Agu (2730 päivää sitten)
You should hear Polish. That's weird language even for me.
Agu (2730 päivää sitten)
Shit, you're right, I found out a wrong one xD But it's sound nice too.
Agu (2730 päivää sitten)
I searched Armenian on youtube. It sounds really nice.
Agu (2730 päivää sitten)
But I don't even know 3 languages on really bad level, so 6 languages is a lot for me. Anyway, how did you start to learn Armenian? I haven't even heard about that language o.O
Agu (2730 päivää sitten)
Hi, how are you?
WOW! You know so many languages. Guess it had to be really hard to learn all of them.
Maybe we could be friends?
Jin-Young (2741 päivää sitten)
haha :^)
have a gooooooooood day with love
Jin-Young (2741 päivää sitten)
Hello :^)
i chatting with you
Klaudia (2752 päivää sitten)
You've written it ;P
Come on! biggrin That's a joke 001_tongue Nobody 001_smile

Have you got bad memories or something like that biggrin ?
Klaudia (2753 päivää sitten)
It must be tasty biggrin

But if it is a fake we can think that it's true that you are cannibals 001_tongue
Klaudia (2755 päivää sitten)
Why!? I want to eat a fish fruit 001_tongue!
Klaudia (2755 päivää sitten)
But I hope zebras are till now 001_smile
It's funny biggrin!
Klaudia (2755 päivää sitten)
Hi 001_smile
Nice song biggrin
Woman can have 4 husbands in Romania?
That's interesting! 001_smile
christinaryan (2760 päivää sitten)
ya! i had really great time been with family! oh and today is the last day of this year! have great time ! 001_smile
christinaryan (2760 päivää sitten)
ya! i had really great time been with family! oh and today is the last day of this year! have great time ! 001_smile
emson (2761 päivää sitten)
Thanks wink2 i will add,but now i haven't very special wink2
And happy too !
emson (2762 päivää sitten)
hi! you have very interesting gallery with photos wink2
tuska91 (2764 päivää sitten)
nice i play basketball too ;p
Goldylocks (2766 päivää sitten)
haha, thats why i love summer so much, you get more sleep.(: and you can do more also.(:
Goldylocks (2766 päivää sitten)
it's going good, haha, what about you?(:
Goldylocks (2766 päivää sitten)
im going to play soccer next year.(:
LucyLovesYouu (2766 päivää sitten)
Hey join the chat!
Samih92 (2768 päivää sitten)

Hahahaha I love your ' Belgium rules '
picture OMG xD we have the balls of steel LMAO x)
LucyLovesYouu (2768 päivää sitten)
just got out for vacation (yaayy) mmm just be around the house with Jenn. grounded yet again...what about you? It's freezing here too.
LucyLovesYouu (2770 päivää sitten)
lmao. yeep yepp. how are you?I miss you soo much brotherr (:
christinaryan (2772 päivää sitten)
hey! how are you doing these days? MARRY CHRISTMAS!! santa
Goldylocks (2785 päivää sitten)
ohh haha i spelt cold wrong in the last comment by mistake.

i dont really like snow, haha.
what sports do you play?
Goldylocks (2790 päivää sitten)
its starting to get really clod out.
it hasnt snowed yet though, haha.
what about there?
christinaryan (2791 päivää sitten)
yep actually, i do like see boy playing basketball! biggrin
christinaryan (2791 päivää sitten)
ya,so i think you looove basketball?
Goldylocks (2792 päivää sitten)
very good.(:
how about you?(:
christinaryan (2792 päivää sitten)
ya,sleep is soooo treasure for me,because every day in school i feel sleepy, but i have to finish my homework at night, we often stay at school for 11hours, very long time, how about you? wink2
christinaryan (2793 päivää sitten)
yeahh~ students in china alway be busy and tired wink2 how about you?
candoh1995 (2793 päivää sitten)
um which subject or course or major do you study in school?and what do you want to do in future?you can ask me questions.tell me
candoh1995 (2793 päivää sitten)
oh! nice to meet you and also be your friend.i am also a soccer what do you do in your living apart from basketball playing?
candoh1995 (2793 päivää sitten)
ok thanks for your goodness and also your kindness.are you are basketball player?what is the name of your team?bye
candoh1995 (2793 päivää sitten)
thanks for your nice and also your beautiful massage.i am also fine thanks.can i be your friend?bye
christinaryan (2793 päivää sitten)
hi 001_smile how's life in Romania?
candoh1995 (2793 päivää sitten)
how are you
Moon-Sky (2794 päivää sitten)
Yape, was gald for talking with you, ejoy and see ya wink2.
Moon-Sky (2794 päivää sitten)
Oh yea I know what do you mean.
As I notice you never log on Msn =)
Moon-Sky (2794 päivää sitten)
Nice, yape same 001_tongue.
Well me I had a match yesterday, It was cool and plenty of energy.
Roumania is cold those days ? Here it's soo cold 001_smile.
Moon-Sky (2794 päivää sitten)
Yeaa so cool, so what are your plans for it ?
And how is Basket-ball going with you ? 001_smile
Moon-Sky (2795 päivää sitten)
Hey, I'm great thanks, you ?
Of course we'll not lose contact wink2 don't worry ! 001_smile
I have good news, hehe I've got my holiday biggrin, waa I'm so glad !!
Goldylocks (2797 päivää sitten)
im anna, im 14,
and im from the usa.
wanna talk? (:
xXJenniReneeXx (2800 päivää sitten)
oh jeez..thanks.
xXJenniReneeXx (2810 päivää sitten)
Lucy told me to get back on...and i saw you soo bored i actually might start doign my homework. byee (:
LucyLovesYouu (2810 päivää sitten)
I learned Romanian from a book!!
Moon-Sky (2813 päivää sitten)
Thanks Remus 001_smile, I missed to you, what's up ? Hope everything is fine, good luck with your study biggrin.
sismo66 (2813 päivää sitten)
ok no problem
sismo66 (2814 päivää sitten)
because near my home there was only 2 team the first was the best of the department so in this team everybodi was better than me and the second never played and the environement was shitting too.
so it was my team or nothing.

do you want to talk with me on msn ?

my adress : jeremy.garcia @

there is no space and no accent =)
sismo66 (2815 päivää sitten)
i'm jérémy i'm french and i'm 20

i live in paris and i see that you're in a basket team.
i practiced basket for 8 years.
sismo66 (2815 päivää sitten)
hi how are you
polin_x3 (2818 päivää sitten)
yes, you're right. : )
hinewcho (2818 päivää sitten)
hi how are you~?nice to meet you!
polin_x3 (2825 päivää sitten)
I have 16 subject this year and 34 hours a week. : )
Elea (2826 päivää sitten)
I want to know more about your country an you so can you come in the chat ?
Elea (2826 päivää sitten)
hello !! i'm glad to meet you !!
polin_x3 (2829 päivää sitten)
oh, interesting. how many subjects do you have now at school ? : )
JaLjubljuRobota (2829 päivää sitten)
who and what doesn't suck in this world apart from you?
JaLjubljuRobota (2830 päivää sitten)
yes, I've fixed my computer (more or less) U_U
and Hurry up! Go to school otherwise u'll become more idiot and that's not good XD

Malchik just means boy in russian U_U soooo...have a good...night XD
JaLjubljuRobota (2830 päivää sitten)
Hey Malchik! you're still alive... i'm's so cold... and today i haven't and you bad boy?
polin_x3 (2831 päivää sitten)
The best mark in 6 is six. ; > and the worst is one. ; ) how is it in Romania ?
polin_x3 (2836 päivää sitten)
oh, school is dipressing. ; <
I'm tired already and I'm waiting for winter holiday. : ))
how are your marks ? xD
polin_x3 (2836 päivää sitten)
Good luck. : ))
how is at school ?
polin_x3 (2836 päivää sitten)
I'm fine. ; ) Two days ago snow has fallen, even if it's autumn here ! awful. ; d
what about you ? ;*
Moon-Sky (2839 päivää sitten)
Hello Remus,

Yea same thing to me, I have alot av study so I don't connect all time just when I use the Net for my research -_-, well hope talk to you soon, take care and good luck 001_smile,

See ya.
Moon-Sky (2841 päivää sitten)
Remus, what's up ? Oh it was a long while 001_smile.
jung-in (2842 päivää sitten)
hi how are you=]?
cashflow (2848 päivää sitten)
hey thanks for ur message u later
BrittSoAwesome (2849 päivää sitten)
Of coursee
BrittSoAwesome (2849 päivää sitten)
shuddup, he's from Romania
BrittSoAwesome (2850 päivää sitten)
No but he lived there for madd lonng,
like if your parents are romanian and they were born there so they come to the US, give birth then go back to romania
BrittSoAwesome (2850 päivää sitten)
He was like born here then went to romania then came backk,
BrittSoAwesome (2850 päivää sitten)
Noo, next time I see him I'll ask moree.
BrittSoAwesome (2850 päivää sitten)
Umm funny story...theres a new kid in our school, his names Daniel...he's from Romania lmaoo(:
BrittSoAwesome (2852 päivää sitten)
LMAOOO! :OOO pooor youu thats hillarious
Your_Slut (2853 päivää sitten)
i know i am terribly sorry. I'm stilgetting used to the time difference..yer probably asleep (or partying still)
Maybe tomorrow? I will be home around 12 in the afternoon in the eAst coast of AMerica. soo...miss youu.
BrittSoAwesome (2853 päivää sitten)
Lmaoooo why?
BrittSoAwesome (2853 päivää sitten)
Yeahh I'm okay.
School really does suck, I like dont wanna go anymore.
My english teacher made me read this story I wrote...I was so embarrassed.
BrittSoAwesome (2854 päivää sitten)
Nothingg much, really sickk :
How about you?
Your_Slut (2854 päivää sitten)
jeanpaul (2856 päivää sitten)
salut mon pote comment ,j'ai recu ton message ,tu es un basketteur , voici mon email (e-mail hidden) .peace
Moon-Sky (2857 päivää sitten)
Oh same thing 001_tongue, and another thing I changed my Msn, =S I'd some problems on it, I'll expalin to you later wink2 .
Take care, Good luck and see ya .
Moon-Sky (2857 päivää sitten)
Hi Remus , what's up with you ? Well me I'm a little busy , I started the study on Wednesday , ha I'm tired lol but I love the teachers I have the best ones in all the school .
See you .
LucyLovesYouu (2858 päivää sitten)'s Lucy (:
Your_Slut (2858 päivää sitten)
Remus, love, I miss you like hell. sorry I havent been on... just moved to America and was readjusting. Right now the time is 6:22. and yer probably sleeping. imma send you amessage but i thought i should show the world how much i miss your violent tall self. (:
lolaxD (2858 päivää sitten)
Kurt_Lee (2859 päivää sitten)
I fine,but too busy these days:(
so How are you?
Sk8ErGirL (2860 päivää sitten)
Ahaha rap n hip hop music rocks 4eva aahahah 001_smile 001_smile 001_smile just became a part of our life ehehhh so cool wink2
Sk8ErGirL (2860 päivää sitten)
WuUuuuoOOOooooo my god...your new sonnnnnnnggggggggg ROCK THIS WORLD YEAH!!! Ahah 001_tongue 001_tongue ahah so cool ^^
eheh do you love rap and hip hop too??
ahah i ADOREEE them...O__O
madkeith (2860 päivää sitten)
nun...just playin 'round
abbaz (2862 päivää sitten)
You're AWESOME!!!!!

kaska940 (2862 päivää sitten)
hahaha biggrin
kaska940 (2862 päivää sitten)
The best happens, it is something I Yelena Isinbayeva, it went badly in the World Cup and now again in the form 001_tongue
courteous__ (2863 päivää sitten)
courteous__ (2863 päivää sitten)
why not ?
courteous__ (2863 päivää sitten)
i have homeworks!
i have to pass this class! else i will die i think!
kaska940 (2863 päivää sitten)
Only third place? it wrong?
In my opinion, that's great! biggrin
courteous__ (2863 päivää sitten)
not only u!
school and homeworks -.-
that sux!
Sk8ErGirL (2863 päivää sitten)
eheheh i like sports too but i prefer football to basketball hehe 001_smile 001_smile
waaw so cool ur new song hehe 001_smile
kaska940 (2863 päivää sitten)
And as you face the previous season ? 001_tongue
courteous__ (2863 päivää sitten)
hey Remus, how r u ? 001_smile
kaska940 (2864 päivää sitten)
Thanks :p
to Mon for a week I am going to Slovakia for a tournament . . .
kaska940 (2864 päivää sitten)
That's great:D

Congratulates :]
kaska940 (2864 päivää sitten)
It was me about national team 001_smile

Interesting phenomenon with the water biggrin
kaska940 (2864 päivää sitten)
I have two questions :
1. You play in the frame of national 001_tongue

2. Why is the pool water yellow ? biggrin
Sk8ErGirL (2865 päivää sitten)
Ahahahah P.E.. Hahahah
ahah sooo i seee uuuuu love basketball right hehe???'

Sk8ErGirL (2865 päivää sitten)
Ahah today i had my favourite subjects 001_smile))))

but i have to study a lot..Grrrr

=[[[ now it's 19.30 and i have not finished my homework yet... cursing

it's so boring hhhhhh 001_tongue001_tongue
meeetta (2865 päivää sitten)
no tavallaan : D kaikista muista paitsi itse suomalaisista 001_tongue
Sk8ErGirL (2865 päivää sitten)
Eheh thanx flowers im a tollerant person HEhe biggrin eiei how was your day??
meeetta (2865 päivää sitten)
olen meetta 001_smile entäpä sinä ?
Sk8ErGirL (2866 päivää sitten)
are you crazy??? against???
i love all peopele in this world hahah
and by the way she's name is roxana and she's my best friend 001_wub
eheh okayy talk to ya tmrrw
Sk8ErGirL (2866 päivää sitten)
Ahahaha anyways u are from galati right????? from romania??? eheh i have a friend frm galati ^^
Sk8ErGirL (2866 päivää sitten)
Ahahah wooow heh the name of the song is look at only me-Tae yang
hehe a korean singer 001_tt1
Sk8ErGirL (2866 päivää sitten)
Ahahah yeahhhh so sweet reallyyyy??? Hahaha 001_wub my little brother..hehe anyways waaw cool song *_*
Moon-Sky (2866 päivää sitten)
=) =) =)
Moon-Sky (2866 päivää sitten)
Hihi , is it real ?
Well I'll be shy when I need it =P
Moon-Sky (2866 päivää sitten)
Ya think ? 001_tongue
Well I'm Shy Just 30% lol
Dana12 (2868 päivää sitten)
my name is Dana^^

Moon-Sky (2868 päivää sitten)
Hihi , what's up ? 001_tongue
Moon-Sky (2868 päivää sitten)
Pretty cool biggrin If you like it too , well talk to you soon bye bye 001_tongue .
Moon-Sky (2868 päivää sitten)
No no , not just I like , I adore Basket-ball , it's my favorite Sport <3
Moon-Sky (2868 päivää sitten)
Yes sure I Like it , why ? lol 001_tongue
Marwaa (2869 päivää sitten)
merci beaucoup ! big_smile
maverick (2869 päivää sitten)
hi remus wassup
Vedlen (2869 päivää sitten)
Oh really ? Weird.. Haven't experienced this problem before.. Well I'll look into that later, thanks for pointing it out
Marwaa (2870 päivää sitten)
Ah oui ? Tu n'aimes pas l'école ? Alors du fond du cÅur je te souhaite bonne chance, tu en auras besoin ^^

Ah eh bien c'est déjà demain la rentrée..

Je te souhaite une très bonne semaine !
Your_Slut (2870 päivää sitten)
I keep missing you!!! I miss youu! <3
Tarek (2870 päivää sitten)
Perhaps you'll die more wisely. I hope so.
Vedlen (2870 päivää sitten)
Hey, about the kick feature : yeah I changed the script and forgot something. I fixed it but haven't tested the function since there are users in the chatroom. It might work though.

Marwaa (2871 päivää sitten)
biggrin tu ne commences que lundi ?? T'en as de la chance !! Moi sinon ça va bien merci, j'ai terminé aujourd'hui mon 7e jour d'école déjà alors que toi, t'y es pas encore allé XD

Bah bonne chance alors, je pense que tu en aura besoin.. A moins que tu n'aimes l'école =D ?
Marwaa (2871 päivää sitten)
Salut ^^
Comment vas-tu ?
Alors, tu es rentré à l'école laugh ?

Bonne soirée ^^
polin_x3 (2871 päivää sitten)
go to school. ; d But I have two days of rest - weekend ! I love it. I'll do nothing. ; ))
polin_x3 (2872 päivää sitten)
what are you going to do during these four days ? ; PP
Your_Slut (2873 päivää sitten)
Reeeeeemus (:
polin_x3 (2873 päivää sitten)
Are you prepared for school ? ;P
polin_x3 (2874 päivää sitten)
usually ? are you sure ? big_smile
MansikkaPiirakka (2874 päivää sitten)
yeah, maybe : D
MansikkaPiirakka (2874 päivää sitten)
you have lot of picture : D
Your_Slut (2875 päivää sitten)
Aye you (:
polin_x3 (2875 päivää sitten)
ah, ok, I understand. ; P
My team used to lose. How is it with your team ? Do you win often ? : D
polin_x3 (2875 päivää sitten)
are you prepared fot this ? : PP
polin_x3 (2875 päivää sitten)
do you play any matches with other teams ? : ))
polin_x3 (2876 päivää sitten)
I think everybody hopes so. : D
how are your trainings? :*
polin_x3 (2876 päivää sitten)
it's not fair. : P when does your school start ? : P
polin_x3 (2877 päivää sitten)
it's ok. : ) school, school and school. how is it with you ? ^^
courteous__ (2879 päivää sitten)
the other one has been desactivitate or something else biggrin
korean_boy (2879 päivää sitten)
Remus the star!! 001_cool
Marwaa (2879 päivää sitten)
Ah c'est toi le Remus du chat XD
Enchantée de faire ta connaissance
Je peux enfin mettre un visage sur ton nom lol1
LeXoO (2880 päivää sitten)
go on
LeXoO (2880 päivää sitten)
i found something beginning with Y ^^
Your_Slut (2880 päivää sitten)
Hey Sweetie, come on when you can..gotta talk too youuu 001_tongue
Your_Slut (2881 päivää sitten)
Hey sweetheart, school is going fiiine. just liek i told you 001_tongue
emmanon (2881 päivää sitten)
Waw ca a l'air super là-bas !! 001_smile
emmanon (2881 päivää sitten)
Hey Remus !
J'aimerais savoir où se trouve Marshall ??
bila (2881 päivää sitten)
me too thanks 001_smile
bila (2881 päivää sitten)
hey.. how r u ?
NATHIE91 (2882 päivää sitten)
Bonjour Remus,
Pourquoi l'eau de la piscine est de couleur marron ? Et où se trouve Marshall ?
Merci d'avance pour tes réponses. 001_rolleyes
glody200887 (2882 päivää sitten)
the life is good.
Your_Slut (2882 päivää sitten)
I'm onnnn. lol
Your_Slut (2883 päivää sitten)
Aye, Sorry If I miss you. I'll be on most of tomorrow. Feel Better, Sweetheart (:
Your_Slut (2883 päivää sitten)
yeah but I won't.
Your_Slut (2883 päivää sitten)
Your_Slut (2883 päivää sitten)
Your_Slut (2884 päivää sitten)
Hey noticed your getting hit on by older womenn...PROPPSS!

Lattaahh Brotha from Anotha Motha 001_tongue
Your_Slut (2884 päivää sitten)
Remus Remus Remus Remus Remus Remus Remus Remus Remus Remus Remus Remus Remus Remus.
I'm bored. I wish you would wake up already. I love your new pics. Look how grown up you look 001_rolleyes (: SOOOOO I'm bored so terribly bored. I hope you get better. I'd really be sad if you got horribly sick. *huge hug* No I'm not drunk just bored.*biggerhug*
Your_Slut (2884 päivää sitten)
REEEEEEMMMMMUUUSSSS WAKKKKKEEEE UPPPPPP (: I misssss youuu. I didn't get drunk tonight (((:

I love you Remus, my brother 001_tongue
Your_Slut (2884 päivää sitten)
Wooww. lol I would. I might actually. But I have a date with a nice Romanian I met at a club last night 001_tongue
MegaBabe (2884 päivää sitten)
Ginger (2884 päivää sitten)
Suppose I was talking to you some days ago, and suppose you remember me. What on earth do you do with your life??
Curious for conversation, (e-mail hidden)
Have a nice weekend! wink2
Arves (2884 päivää sitten)

Yes i am working on a new template but it's "secret" wink2
Your_Slut (2885 päivää sitten)
Gettt onnnn!!! (:
BrittSoAwesome (2885 päivää sitten)
Becausee you're
BrittSoAwesome (2885 päivää sitten)
You are a man
of true words
Your_Slut (2885 päivää sitten)
Being stalked by another Indian Man -_- he was forty. *sigh* it's hard being pretty (;
Your_Slut (2885 päivää sitten)
Niice pics. never saw those beforee 001_tongue
Your_Slut (2886 päivää sitten)
hahah! I can't stop laughing XD
Your_Slut (2886 päivää sitten)
Ahhh yes aren't you lucky that I am going there for my wedding! We can ditch my husband...
Your_Slut (2886 päivää sitten)
i forgot your name so sorry i can't adress you correctly.

Maybe we can. Even though I'm engaged let me see your number so I can call you to make you my man of honor.

I'm just an american.
BrittSoAwesome (2887 päivää sitten)
You know whatt,
You'ree a nut lmaoo(:
moon-s-son (2889 päivää sitten)
Thank you Remus !
I like your house ! lol
ye ! have a good day !
gozga (2890 päivää sitten)
MegaBabe (2890 päivää sitten)
thts cool, i love the 3 poniters, any of them, my fav is the angle like 3 feet away from the center 3!!
mentalmuscle (2890 päivää sitten)

i have relief,now...
gozga (2891 päivää sitten)
can you translate me:

i'm writing in romanian ?
MegaBabe (2891 päivää sitten)
i love basketball, its my favorite sport!! what position do you play and whats ur fav shot to shoot??
gozga (2892 päivää sitten)
wow, i don't know how to read it!
Seston (2892 päivää sitten)
Yuour fish wouldn't stand a chance! They have no where to run!
gozga (2892 päivää sitten)
huuhuu, i don't know i just wonder how it sounds. can you write me something in yr language? ;d
neto1235 (2892 päivää sitten)
Never been to Rumania. I know some very nice people from there. I plan to visit Rumania and other west European countries soon.
MegaBabe (2892 päivää sitten)
practice sessions for what?? 001_cool 001_cool 001_cool
MegaBabe (2893 päivää sitten)
ooh, i dont go to the gym, i do play sports tho, softball, basketball, and i run track on a team. i sometimes shoot around outside with my hoop, but thts bout it, hbu?
MegaBabe (2893 päivää sitten)
they're from the streets?? wow! they're still really adorable. so how's ur summer goin? 001_cool
AnDrA14 (2894 päivää sitten)
Pai ai 15 ani si ai trecut a 10-a? biggrin
Okay^^ da-mi si mie id-ul tau de messenger [daca vrei..] ca sa putem vorbii mai bine.
AnDrA14 (2895 päivää sitten)
da.. ai dreptate. M-am obisnuit aici dar tot vreau sa ma mut in alta tara.
Tu in ce clasa esti? Ai terminat a 8-a?
AnDrA14 (2895 päivää sitten)
biggrin Prin Romania.. cum sa fie.. In Craiova e bine. Cum e in Galati? biggrin
MegaBabe (2895 päivää sitten)
OMG are those your dogs in that picture?? they are so cute, i luv dogs, i added a pic (2) so u can see what i look like, im the one on the right in my profile pic!! tlk to meh so i can get to kno ya!! 001_cool
happyorange (2895 päivää sitten)
i'm sorry biggrin
Then u are just like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James?
happyorange (2896 päivää sitten)
Hey! how are you?
You said you play SF/GF?
Sorry I have bad memory... 001_tt2
MegaBabe (2896 päivää sitten)
hey, my name is megan, i saw ur profile and thought it was kewl, we like the same things, so comment on my profile and we can be friends! 001_cool 001_cool 001_cool
BrittSoAwesome (2916 päivää sitten)
Pshhtt. Your songg still suckss lol (:
Aree you jealous because my songs wayyy better?
BrittSoAwesome (2923 päivää sitten)
I thinkk,
my song is better than yourss lmao(:
-kylie. (2925 päivää sitten)

i'm kylie(=
you should im me.
(e-mail hidden)
well comment me back!!!
Roxxy (2927 päivää sitten)
im sorry your tried...
Roxxy (2928 päivää sitten)
how have you've been?
Roxxy (2928 päivää sitten)
hey wuz up?
Jessie.Rachel (2929 päivää sitten)
Hey my name is Jessie!
Um well I hope to hear from you soon


Nimimerkki: Remus
Etunimi: -
Sukupuoli: Mies
Ikä: 23

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Kaupunki: -
Maanosa: Hampshire
Maa: Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta

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(profile picture is a joke by the way!)

I'm Remus - it's my real name and it's not from Harry Potter - 23

Sometimes funny, sometimes serious.

I work as an air traffic controller in training, I enjoy travelling, having been to quite a few places in Europe, less so outside. 
Happy to make acquaintances and friends abroad whom to exchange visits with (time/money permitting). 

My instagram is: topkekr - there are no photos of myself there, just shots that I took of various things.

Please don't send me friend requests if we didn't talk at all, and if we do please don't ask for other social media profile straight away, it's a bit awkward.

I don't have a lot of time to learn or teach languages properly. I would like to keep my French from getting rusty (probably too late) but that's about it. Someone to talk Franglais with from time to time would be nice I guess.

Because of my background, apart from the listed languages, I understand Italian, Spanish and Portuguese as well as German, but I can't say I can speak them as in holding a decent dialogue.

I found that e-mail "penpaling" doesn't work, sooner or later one or the other forgets (or -wants- to forget) to reply and that's it. Chatting on the chat here regularly is more fun in my opinion and more reliable.

Finally, I'm a moderator here so let me know if you have any problem on the website, I will help you.

Have fun!

Câinele moare de drum lung și prostul de grija altuia.
Remus has 12 друзья:

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