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Polala (152 päivää sitten)
Hola! 001_smile I think it would be great idea wink2 I'll contact you
Mariapulgar (186 päivää sitten)
Whats up, Luis! How's your english? (I know, I wrote this 260 days later, I'm the worst) When do you usually enter on this site? I enter like three times a year (?) sad It would be nice to chat with you, my friend, I'll try to enter more often... Wish you an excellent day and year!!
Polala (430 päivää sitten)
Hey Luis! I got your message 198 days ago but I forgot about this account. I mean I remember about this web site but i totally didn't have time for it 001_smile I'm so sorry about it. Of course i can write with u in English and you can teach me Spanish (if u still want to 001_smile ) Please write me sooner than I you 001_smile
Mariapulgar (448 päivää sitten)
Hi, Luis! 182 days ago you wrote on my profile, and I just read it, (I know "early" lol) It's so nice you`re from Venezuela too. Awesome! I asked you to be friends, it`s so nice to meet you, and, I wish you a beautiful day! (We'd learn english togheter, and speak spanish too, hahaha). Bye!
Fangirl (451 päivää sitten)
I love all well written books. No matter science-fiction, novels, for teenagers or criminals. What about you?
Brynja (455 päivää sitten)
HI, Nice to meet you.
I'm fine, thanks 001_smile. How are you?
I'm looking forward to talk to you!

Have a nice day.
catemere99 (455 päivää sitten)
hi 001_smile, nice to meet you. i like horror, sience fiction and classics books, my favourite in particular is pride and pregiudice.... yours?
SuzanneLynn (455 päivää sitten)
Hey Luis!
For sure I can help you, I can't see you right now on the chat but contact me whenever you want!

I'd like to send you some work that I'm doing now in Spanish, can I send you these texts like.. tomorrow by mail?

Take care
Fangirl (456 päivää sitten)
My English isn't perfect. I'm here to improve this language so it can be difficult to help you.
Fangirl (457 päivää sitten)
Hi Luis!
I'm fine and what about you?
Yes, you can help me with my Spanish and if you want I can teach you some Polish words. Just let me know.

Sarahit (512 päivää sitten)
im very fine!! here in mexico the weather is really nice! how about venezuela?
what do you do?
Sarahit (526 päivää sitten)
hello Luis,
sorry for my late reply but i was busy, how are you??

best regard from mexico. 001_smile
Dmontescal (600 päivää sitten)
Jana1998 (605 päivää sitten)
Sorry that I answer so late sad

Quiero leer novelas policíaca y fantasía 001_smile
VaL_TuZiiiTaaa (622 päivää sitten)
ahh entiendo entiendo !! 001_smile bueno espero que tengas un excelente dia!!
Spei_certius (622 päivää sitten)
happy and healthy, thank you=)
Have a kind evening!
VaL_TuZiiiTaaa (623 päivää sitten)
todo super bien !! Saliendo de la uni al fin 001_smile y tu que tal ? 001_smile
VaL_TuZiiiTaaa (623 päivää sitten)
Hola Luis!!! 001_smile
Saluditos tambien
catnip_12 (623 päivää sitten)
Hi! 001_smile I am pretty good) how about yourself?
francab (623 päivää sitten)
Haha hey
I would love to learn spanish 001_tongue
ElleMee (623 päivää sitten)
PR is Public Relations and Advertising
ElleMee (623 päivää sitten)
I study PR and you?
ElleMee (623 päivää sitten)
I'm Elena Sedova. I live in Russia,Kazan where I'm studying in the Universiry.
Sorry, I use my email for work
ElleMee (623 päivää sitten)
it is a perfect idea!!! Tell me something about you)
ElleMee (623 päivää sitten)
hello. good and you?
Enry1997 (623 päivää sitten)
Yes, it could be better xD
Enry1997 (623 päivää sitten)
Yes, I'm attending my last year in high school. You?
Enry1997 (623 päivää sitten)
Yes, I'd like to learn Spanish, but I also want to improve my English xD
What about you?
Enry1997 (623 päivää sitten)
Hello 001_smile I'm fine and you?
Yes I'd like to chat with you
Jana1998 (624 päivää sitten)
Okay good 001_smile
I am fine and you?
Suzy33 (625 päivää sitten)
I have a Facebook 001_smile I'll send you by an email. Adiós wink2
Suzy33 (625 päivää sitten)
Ooh, spaghetti! My favourite dish 001_smile And have a nice evening if you go out 001_smile
Suzy33 (625 päivää sitten)
I'm watching tv and I'm talking with friends 001_smile And you?
Suzy33 (625 päivää sitten)
Haha, to be honest I know almost nothing wink2 But I know only basic words like Buenos Dias, Como estas or Le deseo un buen dia 001_smile I've never learn Spanish, I bought only dictionary
Suzy33 (625 päivää sitten)
Hi, Luis 001_smile I'm very glad you messaged me because I want so much to learn Spanish, even a little 001_smile Of course we can help each other but I don't think that I'm better than you in English - I'm younger. But anyway thank you alot 001_smile
Jana1998 (626 päivää sitten)
Hey Luis,
sorry that I answer so late, i had a very stressful time 001_smile
We can do it, but i have to say, my english is not the best 001_smile
Today i wrote a spanish exam sad wasn't good

Best Wishes
agnesecapurri (627 päivää sitten)
how are you? yes it could be a nice idea 001_smile
Dolgorchonok (627 päivää sitten)
I'm fine too. Weekend was boring, I do my work and help some people with study etc.
Dolgorchonok (627 päivää sitten)
Hi! How are you?
LizelKar (627 päivää sitten)
Fine, thanks! Do you have a facebook? I think, chatting on fb is more convenient than here:)
LizelKar (627 päivää sitten)
Hi, sure, i will be glad to practice English with you:)
Vnika_k (628 päivää sitten)
Hi! I will try to help improve your english. Let`s correspondent on e-mail?
My e-mail is: (e-mail hidden)
Write me!
Lena-_ (628 päivää sitten)
done 001_smile
Lena-_ (628 päivää sitten)
No sé, pero creo que sería más fácil hablar en otro lugar, ¿no? ¿Tienes facebook? Porque si quieres te podría mandarun mensaje con mi cuento.001_smile

I don't know... but don't you think it would be easier to talk on another platform? If you want to, I could send you a private message with the link to my account. 001_smile
Lena-_ (629 päivää sitten)
And yes, I think I can:
Hola Luis, me llamo Lena y soy de Luxemburgo. Me gusta tocar el piano y el saxofón y también me encanta bailar y leer. Y no sé que podría decirte más :b
Lena-_ (629 päivää sitten)
Haha okay,
well, I just started my second year of spanish at school six weeks ago 001_smile
ellie925 (629 päivää sitten)
Hola Luis, acabo de enviarte un "email".

Saludos desde Bulgaria 001_smile
lisamcg (629 päivää sitten)
nice, have fun!!
mathieuboou (629 päivää sitten)
In France many people have two names too 001_smile
mathieuboou (629 päivää sitten)
The deal is perfect to me, I want to improve my spanish 001_smile
Sorry I didn't know you had a composed first name 001_smile
lisamcg (629 päivää sitten)
I'm fine! thanks 001_smile you?
mathieuboou (629 päivää sitten)
Hola Luis, nice to meet you 001_smile
Me llamo Mathieu y puedo ayudar a aprender ingles 001_smile
How are you ?
lisamcg (629 päivää sitten)
Hola, Mi nombre es Lisa, ¿Cómo te llamas?

i cant even find ¿ on my keybord hahaha, is that part of it?
Lena-_ (629 päivää sitten)
Hey luis 001_smile of course, I would love to. I can also help you with your french and german if you want to 001_smile
lisamcg (629 päivää sitten)
hi Luis! yeah sounds nice! i'd love to learn spanish, only i don't know a single word haha. just Ola? means hallo?
ewa21 (629 päivää sitten)
Estoy bian gracias 001_smile
yeah, I want to learn spanish in fact I've already begun to lern it, but yeah you could help a lot 001_smile If you want i can help with english, I think my english is not so bad, or if you want i can teach you polish even:D
Dolgorchonok (629 päivää sitten)
Oo you're online, go to chat?
Danuzca (630 päivää sitten)
Uhum, y yo te puedo enseñar es qué? español? xD lo que te puedo enseñar es a hacer unas panquecas con zanahoria (?) hahaahjakj ah cierto, alemán :3
Wintry (630 päivää sitten)
your'e welcome!
Danuzca (630 päivää sitten)
Heeeey! D: qué bien que estés por aquí vale :3
Wintry (631 päivää sitten)
i am doing good to, welcome here!
would you like to learn some dutch, just tell me!
Wintry (631 päivää sitten)
i meant luis
Wintry (631 päivää sitten)
hi lui, how are you?

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