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  • Kerro maailmalle!

    Hey! I´m a 13 years old girl from Germany.
    I´m searching a penpal, but I think age or hometown doesn´t matter.
    Just feel free to write me a message , I would like to learn more about you.

    But what I actually wanted to tell is that nobody should be afraid to be differnt. Be yourself and be proud to it.

  • Neuvo tai vinkki

    You are perfect the way you are now. Dont change yourself for anyone else; the important thing is that youre happy!
    And the person who really loves you will accept and appreciate you the way you are

  • Lempikirjat/kirjailijat/elokuvat

    I actually dont watch films or movies, but I really love reading books. I guess my favourite books are ´red queen´ by Victoria Aveyard und ´Skythe´by Neal Shusterman. But I read every book that I can find.

  • Toivoisin, että ihmiset ymmärtäisivät...

    I think the world would be a better place if we all are accepted the way we are. I wish normal people to learn sign language, because I guess its important that everyone has the possibility to be part of our all all-day life

  • Vuosi ulkomailla asuen

    Spending a year in another country is a big challenge I think. You don´t know anyone there, you´re not used to the traditions, and maybe you even don´t know the language. I guess it will be a hard year full of fun( but I dont know if that sentece makes sense)

    I would like to spend a year in USA. Maybe in Florida or Ohio. I think English is a great language and I want to learn more about american cultur.
    I also would like to spend a year in Sweden; I love being in natur and I dont like big cities.

  • Olen hyvä...

    Well, that´s a hard question... I don´t see myself as an expert at anything, but there are some things I love doing. For example I am good in translating German or English songs in sign language. I´m not perfect in it, for sure not, but I don´t think that there are much people who do that, so it´s special

  • Arvomaailma

    Never see young people as stupid, they may be more clever than you! Knowledge has nothing to do with age

  • Unelma-ammatti

    That´s a hard question too. I would like to become a doctor, maybe at surgery. I think that´s really interesting, but I´m not sure my grades are good enough. I hope so, but if they were not, I would like to become a translator. Maybe translate a conversation for deaf people. Like German into sign language and the other way round. Or maybe translate films, that would be kind of cool too.

  • Aihe, johon et koskaan kyllästy

    I love talking about everything. Books, politics, school, hobbies,... but I love talking about other peoples story. It would be great if you could tell me about yourself. just text me. I´m sure we will find something interesting to talk about

  • Olen innoissani...

    ...I think science. It´s really interesting, because its everywhere. I think if you understand science, you get a new point of view how you can see our world

  • Lapsena toivoin...

    When I was a child my biggest dream was to travel to past. I wanted to make things unhappen, even if they alread happened. I wanted to change decisions I made because later on I saw them as wrong. I still do that, but in my opinion a decision is okay as long as you decided it with your heart

  • 10 vuoden kuluttua

    In 10 years I´m going to be 23. I want to finish school then, maybe have a boyfriend. I would like to have visited a few more countrys. and I think it woukd be great if I´d have a good job then

  • Ainutlaatuista/epätavanomaista minussa

    There is nothing special about me I guess. I don´t care what other people think about me, because I´m sure true friends accept me the way I am

  • Henkilökohtainen haaste

    I think the biggest challenge for myself was to accept me the way I am.
    I have much things which make my all day life more complicated than it should be, and I wasn´t able to accept some things. But I think time makes us just stronger , the problems won´t become easier

  • Kaupungit ja maat, joissa olen vieraillut

    Well, I love travelling but I just was in a few countrys. I visited France, Spain, Africa, Belgique, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden and of course Germany, I live there. I want to visit more places, amd my biggest dream is to go to America for a few weeks or months

  • Lapsuusajan huvit

    When I was a child I really loved it, if anyone was doing my hair. I just thought like it felt good. but now it´s annoying if anyone just touch my hairs and i do them by myself.

  • Vieraat kulttuurit

    Well, of course I am interested in other cultures, otherwise I wouldn´t be here.
    I think every culture has special things, maybe holidays, traditions or food, and I am interested in all. It would be great if you could tell me about your habits and your culture

  • Kadun elämässäni...

    There are much things I regret. But I guess I don´t want to change them, even if I could. I wouldn´t be who I am today if I haven´t done all these mistakes. I learnt from them, and I guess they may made me stonger.

  • Maailman parantaminen

    Well, I guess it´s not that difficult to make the world become a better place. There are so many small things we can do to help each other. ``if every person in this world would make one other person happy, the whole world would be happy´´-Astrid Lindgren-

  • Tulevaisuudenkuva

    Well, nobody can be sure what will happen in future, but somehow I guess we will die because of the things we did wrong. But there were so many kinds of creatures which didn´t survive the earth( that´s just a German saying) . But I´m sure the world will be a green and blue planet again