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I'm a 22-year-old male, and I live in Auckland, New Zealand 137.

I speak French, English, Slovene and a tiny bit of Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Polish, Serbian.

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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Živijo, ime mi je Kirilo. Lepo, da sva se spoznala.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hello, my name is Kirilo (not Kirito). Nice to meet you, I'm here to improve my level in some languages : Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.I can help you with English, French and if you want Slovene.I would like to learn many languages especially Polish !~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I play tennis and handball, I'm Slovene. I like to meet new people, learn other languages (if you want to teach me your language, no problem !). I'm not a very outgoing person but I'm not afraid to discover new things.I'm also into mangas and animes and I listenned to old types of music : Jazz, Classical mainly.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you want to chat with me, I'm always available ! See you soon, Kirilo.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~