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I'm a 20-year-old male, and I live in Lille, France 61.

I speak French, some English, and a tiny bit of Spanish, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese.

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    Hi ! My name is Corentin (nicknamed Coco). I'm 19 y.o. and I'm from a place in the middle of nowhere in France. I like travelling, watching TV, reading books, practising karate, meeting new people. I'm a big fan of Massive Attack, that's explain my name :D.Actually, I'm studying engineering, mathematics principally those boring things haha.I'm here to improve my English and Spanish, if you wanna learn French, don't mind and ask me ! I'm also able to learn new languages if you wanna teach me my master ! :)I'm always available to chat here, on Skype, on WhatsApp, see ya ! :)