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I'm a 21-year-old female, and I live in Guangzhou, China 42.

I speak Chinese (Mandarin), some English, French, Japanese, and a tiny bit of German, Italian.

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    Hi, I'm Jessica, a 21-year-old girl from China, living in Guangzhou. Whoever despite age, gender, country, sexual orientation, can be my friend:DI like unique people ^^. I dream of being a MSF, as a psychological consultant. The most things I love in the world is the Berlin Wall and One Piece,as well as grandpa,dogs and Leslie Cheung.The most three foreign countries I like in the world is Germany, and Japan, France.We can chat about whichever topic,I like my friends telling me a lot:) If you wanna be friends,feel free to contact me^^.ATTENTION!im looking for someone who can practice speaking eng with me on phone call or by voive message,my speaking eng is much worse than my written eng so u d better think twice lol.BTWanother worse choice would be speaking french,u ll find even my written skill is not good at all in french:)Sure,it s also welcomed to practice japanese together,but my vocabulary in japanese would be even less than my poor french,tho thanks for anime i at least can do normal conversation with japanese when i travelled in japan.