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I'm a 25-year-old female, and I live in The Pink City , Midi Pyréné, France 61.

I speak French and a tiny bit of English, Spanish, Portuguese.

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    Hi !! =) I'm a 17   french girl !!I love learning languages =) !!!I listen to various type of music and definitely love dancing ♥  I would love to help yourself if you want to learn french ;) !!I'm very curious, optimistic and  smiling =) !! I'm here to improve my languages and learn more about different culture !!!!!!! So chat with me  "I don't bit " xD. <3  <3  <3    K I S S   <3  <3  <3ps : I have a horror of people who add me as a friend whereas they have never chated with me and will never !! So If you didn't intend to speak with me don't add me as a friend , anyway I won't accept !