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20, Prague
Kerro maailmalle!

I am a French native who lived in France for eighteen years so I could help you in French with pleasure. I am also graduated of a double Master (HBO in the Netherlands and an MSc in Germany in the age of 19 ) I'm 20 now But my personality is not limited to my job or my degrees Within each of us lie the seeds of undefined...

18, Rome
Kerro maailmalle!

Hi everyone, I'm Viola from Italy!! I like to travel and to learn new things about other cultures and places. At the beginning I'm a little shy but after some time I become a bit crazy ahaha. If you want to know me than text me, it would be my pleasure!! I'm here to improve my English and my terrible French, obviously I would be...

25, Paris
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Hello the World, I am originally from Burkina Faso which litterally means "Country of Honnest People". I have been living, studying and working in France for some years now. I love learning foreign languages and getting to knowing other cultures, technology and traveling. I created my first account on this site 10 years ago and...

Kerro maailmalle!

I‘m Julia and I like reading, singing and laughing! 😊 I‘m searching for a penpal my age and it would be nice if it‘s someone from Canada because I want to live there in some years and it would be amazing to have some friends there. But I would also like to chat and know more about all the different cultures that exsists! You can...

18, Antwerp

I was a Game Of Thrones fan untill the last season :( . I am not much of a binge watcher so have seen it twice now and I am reading the books at the moment. I also like harry potter, Gravity Falls, avatar the last airbender, star wars, stranger things, a series of unfortionet events, the end of the F*cking world, ...

15, Milan
Kerro maailmalle!

Hello everyone, I’ m Alessio (It is a shorter form of Alexander). I live in Milan even if my family is from Southern Italy, especially from Naples. I’ m keen on soccer, cycling, motor sports and I love traveling (I’ m planning a trip all over Europe for the next summer😅). The thing I desire the most is to be able to play the guitar...

37, Vienna
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Sometimes I feel like an anachronism... I like writing letters and postcards, reading books, going for a nice walk, talking for hours, watching the stars, sitting at a bonfire... Not many people in my surroundings like that... I love music, it's essential for me... I couldn't survive a day without... Cooking, baking and...

24, Vlaardingen
Kaupungit ja maat, joissa olen vieraillut

Love austria, because of the mountains, Furthermore I visited barcelona with school, norway on a cruise and greece, yeah, just random :D

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Hey there! I'm originally from Brazil but I've lived in a few parts of the world from the ages of 6 up until 19. I'm here to meet new people from all over the world and also practice some languages if I can :) I speak both English and Portuguese fluently but I consider my mother tongue to be English (even though I did learn...

58, Mansuè
Kerro maailmalle!

AAA desperately wanted American, willing to teach me his mother tongue. My name is Sandra and I'm Italian. 😔 thank you very much!!!

37, Berlin
Vieraat kulttuurit

I'm interested in the history, lifestyles, music, nature and arts of all kinds of cultures. Am I especially motivated to just listen to people from other cultures. Mich interessieren die Geschichte, die Lebensweisen, die Musik, die Natur und Kunst aller möglichen Kulturen. Und ich möchte besonders gerne Menschen aus anderen Kulturen...

18, Somewhere
Aihe, johon et koskaan kyllästy

You can write me everytime. Also you can talk to me if you want to learn German or if you only need a new friend. (⌒▽⌒)