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  • Kerro maailmalle!

    Hi, I'm a french girl with blue hair, married and expatriated to Austria since a few month.
    I'm here because I am isolated, and I'd like to talk with some nice people, and make friends.
    Feel free to talk to me! =)
    Let's make international friendship great again! =D

    Bonjour! Je suis une française avec des cheveux bleus, mariée et expatriée en Autriche depuis quelques mois.
    Je me suis inscrire ici parce que je me sens très isolée, et j'aimerais discuter avec des gentilles personnes, et me faire des ami.e.s.
    N'hésitez pas à venir me parler. =)

    Hallo! Ich bin eine Französin mit blauen Haaren, verheiratet und seit einigen Monaten im Österreich.
    Ich habe mich hier angemeldet, weil ich mich sehr isoliert fühle und mit netten Leuten plaudern und Freunde finden möchte.
    Zögern Sie nicht, mit mir zu sprechen. =)

    ¡Buenos dias! Soy una mujer francesa con cabello azul, casada y expatriada en Austria por unos meses.
    Me inscribí aquí porque me siento muy aislado y me gustaría chatear con gente agradable y hacer amigos.
    No dudes en venir a hablar conmigo. =)

  • Aihe, johon et koskaan kyllästy

    I'm open for every kind of topic. =) And I am interested into almost everything, as a very curious person.

  • Vuosi ulkomailla asuen

    As a french, I already lived in Belgium for 6 years; and now I'm living in Austria =)
    If I should spend one year in a foreign country, it could be: Iceland, GreatBritain, Italy, Canada, Japan, Norway, maybe in the Black Forest of Germany...
    So many wonderful countries, and different way of living =)

  • Kaupungit ja maat, joissa olen vieraillut

    England, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Austria, Belgium, Serbia, Croatia, Canada, Egypt, Germany.

  • Vieraat kulttuurit

    The past, the History, the monuments, the architecture, the nature, the cuisine and food, the traditions, the wisdom, the art, the museum, the litterature, ...

  • Olen hyvä...

    I write poems, novels and short stories since I'm young. I published a few of my books myself and, as an unexpexted gift of life, I am working as a writter in a game project now. =)
    I am also a multitask artist, as I was a photo model, a photograph, a drawer, painter, singer and musician.
    With troubles happenned in my life, I put my art passion in a corner, and now that I can enjoy a bit more my time in peace, I try to make some art again and express myself. =)

  • Maailman parantaminen

    The world needs more empathy, benevolence and love for everyone, even to animals and plants.
    It sounds maybe stereotypical, but it is already a first big step to think further: think twice before eating an animal, cutting a tree, throwing platic trashes or cigarettes on the floor, judging somebody, or crushing an insect.
    A good way to build a better world is to build peace in our heart.
    Don't be afraid to help others, without asking for a reward.
    We are all earthlings, we are all form the same family.
    I have a few concrete ideas of changes.

  • Olen innoissani...

    Le chocolat (chocolate), tea, les romans de Mireille Calmel (Mireille Calmel´s novels), fitness, les jeux vidéo d´horreur (horror video games).

  • Unelma-ammatti

    Writer, definitively. Artiste anyway.

  • Parhaimmat saavutukseni

    I had a tough life but I managed to always try to help as much as possible people and causes in need. I was an activist as well. I was giving time, energy and money to associations even when I didn´t have enough for myself.

    After a long time being overweight and became healthy, vegan and a fitness person.
    I published myself my novels, and my arts, and sold them in festivals and conventions, and I was a photo-model, singer and musician.

    Get out of the comfort zone to experience new things and learn more, it works.
    La vie continue, life goes on.