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    I am a big Game Of Thrones fan. I am not much of a binge watcher so have seen it only once, but I am reading the books at the moment.
    I also like harry potter, Gravity Falls, avatar the last airbender, star wars, stranger things, a series of unfortionet events, the shanara chronicles, the end of the F*cking world, Lucifer...

  • Aihe, johon et koskaan kyllästy

    fan theories
    conspirecy theories
    space (fermi paradox )

    and just nerdy stuff in general, every toppic is fine.
    Yes even the writning errors in my profile ;)

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    today I caught a mewtwo

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    I try knot the lyricus of Brother Jon in as manny different languages as possible. I know Dutch Fransh English Italien Chinese and I am learning Polis at the moment